Monday, March 3, 2008

1/13/08 PM - Becoming a Faithful Servant


#1. Remember who you serve John 21:15-17

express servanthood by serving His sheep

#2. Look for direction(s) - orders, instructions.

These can be direct from God thru the Holy Spirit
However, servants already have direction and revelation in God’s Word
Luke 10: 25-29 – “who should I serve/minister to?”
:30 – 37 – “whoever is in need
Further direction, knowledge, revelation, etc. is not necessary. Need to heed what we already have.

#3. Don’t serve according to feelings ignore your heart and passion,

but … we should serve Christ according to need and opportunity

#4. Don’t exclude the undeserving Example: Judas at the foot washing

if God did, where would we be? Matt. 5: 43-48

Note: this does not mean serve indiscriminately. Matt. 16 – “be wise as serpents….”

#5. Don’t exclude the well to do. James 2:1-11 The context is saying don’t exclude the poor. The principle is: don’t show favoritism Lev. 19:15

#6. Be willing to go beyond menial servanthood. Example: Jesus
I Pet. 5:1-3 this is written about overseers, those in charge

#7. Don’t outgrow menial servanthood. Ex: Jesus John 13:14 & 15

#8. Don’t expect recognition and appreciation from man. Servant should receive it, servant often won’t. Jesus said “feed them for Me

Note: if you receive recognition and appreciation, and that was your goal, you’ll have your reward. Matt. 6:1-4

Note: if you receive recognition and appreciation, accept it graciously!

The idea of rewards for service are….

A. Biblical

B. God’s idea (plan)

C. For additional motivation (for the selfish soul)
Matt: 10:42 – “if anyone gives….. he will certainly not lose his reward”
16:27 "For the Son of Man is going to come in His Father’s glory……..and He will
reward each person…..”
Matt. 19:29 “and everyone who has left houses or brothers…..for my sake will receive a
hundred times as much……”
Matt. 25:21 “His master replied, ‘well done,……I will put you in charge of many things….’”

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