Monday, March 30, 2009

The Future/End Times/The 2nd. Coming

THE STUDY: is interesting, intriguing, and VALID.

Some statistics on the 2nd. Coming compiled by MacArthur.

#1. 30% of Bible prophecy is concerned with the 2nd. Coming

#2. There are over 300 Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ. 200 are yet to be fulfilled (at His return)

#3. 36 (of the 46) Old Testament prophets speak of events connected with the 2nd. coming

#4. Over 1500 Old Testament passages refer to the 2nd. Coming. Over 300 New Testament passages refer to the 2nd. Coming. (that is 1 out of 25!)

#5. The 2nd. Coming is one of the most prominent subjects in the New Testament.

#6. For every time the 1st. Coming is mentioned in the New Testament, the 2nd. Coming is mentioned 8 times!

#7. Jesus Himself refers to His return 21 times.

#8. Men are exhorted to be ready for His return over 50 times!

Rev. 1:3

All of this points to the validity of the study of the 2nd. Coming of Christ.

Often, in an effort to "figure it all out", it leads to bizarre speculation, twisted scripture references, and distracts from Christian living.

But, everyone wants to know: when? what scenario? what signs?

SO, let's settle it!!! Matt. 24:1-44 Acts 1:4-11

After MUCH study, I (Pastor Rogers) DON'T KNOW!! But apparently many others do!!! There are thousands of books and articles that have been written predicting the 2nd. Coming - complete with charts and reasons and the actual time and date of His return.


#1. Don't be deceived. Nobody knows. All have been wrong so far.
Question: does this make them false prophets??? Does it make YOU a follower of a false prophet?

#2. Don't be misled. These people don't have additional revelation; divine insight (beyond yours); superior intellect.

#3. Don't be confused. Speculation does not establish or determine TRUTH (these are theories)
Fiction should not be confused with fact ie: the Left Behind Series
Popular opinion does not affect God.

#4. Don't be discouraged. "Soon" fits God's timetable.
Examples: Abraham and the promised son. It didn't happen until beyond possibility.
Israel and "the Promised Land" - that wasn't fulfilled for generations. They were in Egypt for 400 hundred years.
Jews and the Messiah. This happened 1500 years after Moses.

#5. Do be ready. 2 Pet. 3:3-5 2 Pet. 3:7-14

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Coming Kingdom

Our current study is the Kingdom of God. (ie: the sphere of His Rule)
We have covered the present aspects. Now, we'll look at the future aspects.

Old Testament passages talking about the Coming Kingdom:
Isaiah 2:2-4 Isaiah 11:6-9 Isaiah 65:17-25

Question: So what will the future Kingdom LOOK like???

There are THREE primary views of the future Kingdom.
All are based on some text - Rev. 20:1-6
PRE-millennial - literal
POST-millennial - semi-literal
A-millennial - symbolic

ALL views are with good reasons, with multiple scriptures, are endorsed by Godly, conservative, evangelical scholars, AND all with weaknesses and holes in theories.

SO...... which is correct???? ANSWER: No one knows!!!!

But, there are points of agreement within these views.


#1. Christ will return. Bodily, visibly, in power, glory, and victory.
Matt. 24:26-27 Mark 13:24-26 Rev. 19:11-16

NOBODY knows exactly WHEN. Mark 13:32 Acts 1:6 & 7
NOBODY knows exactly HOW. (ie: what it will look like)

#2. There will be a Resurrection of the believer. 1 Thess. 4:13-18

#3. There will be judgment. Rev. 20:11-15

#4. Christ then will usher in eternity. Rev. 21:1-4

#5. He will establish His rule over all things. 1 Cor. 15:24-26 Phil. 2:9-11

Questions: When? How? etc? DON'T KNOW!!! But, it will be done!! Rev. 21:5

So, what's the application? What are we to do? What's a Christian response NOW to the Future Kingdom? What should I do today in light of tomorrow?

1. Be informed. This doesn't mean know all the views and the differences, etc. But do know that He's coming and with Him comes an irrevocable judgment!!
People need to know there WILL be judgment.

2. Be ready. (prepared) Mark 13:33-37
Not only for His coming but for your passing!! And this doesn't mean that you are "at peace with God". It's not about your peace with God. Is God at peace with you?

3. Be encouraged. All will be set right!!

4. Be comforted. 1 Thess. 4:18 With the return comes: rest, reunion, rejoicing, reward, restoration....

5. Be faithful. - stay focused, busy, hooked up. 1 Cor. 15:58

Closing scripture: Rev. 22:20

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kingdom Promotion

In previous sermons we have studied Kingdom description, Kingdom entry, Kingdom living.

Now we are looking at Kingdom Promotion.

The definition of the Kingdom is: the sphere of His rule. At present this is voluntary submission to His rule.
Therefore, Kingdom Promotion is your efforts to extend and expand this sphere of His rule.
ie: to convince people to "bend the knee" to His rule.

NOTE: A. In spite of reports to the contrary, the Kingdom IS advancing.
The statistics are: 3,500 new churches are opening every week worldwide.
20,000 additional Christians everyday in Africa; that continent was 3% Christian in 1900 and is now more than 40% Christian.
70,000 additional Christians every day in the world.
In 1900, Korea had no Protestant church; it was thought the be "impossible to penetrate." In 1991, Korea was 30% Christian with 4,000 churches in Seoul alone.
More Muslims in Iran have come to Christ since 1980 than in the previous 1000 years combined.

NOTE: These figures only emphasize numbers. They don't speak of the incredible social and cultural changes the world has experienced since the introduction of Christianity.

B. In light of scripture, the Kingdom will continue to advance. Matt. 13:31-33

SO: I. WHY should I promote the Kingdom? Will it advance without me?? Answer: on one hand, yes, it probably will. But, for this you were created. HE chose you, gifted you, instructed you, invited you.
Eph. 2:10 is more than "enjoy".

II. HOW do I promote it? What does Kingdom building and development look like?

Observation #1 - proclamation Example: John the Baptist - Matt. 3:1-2
the seventy - Luke 10:8-9
Us and the Great Commission - Matt. 28:18-20 2 Cor. 5:18-20

#2. Whatever assists in proclamation - prayer support, financial support, good works, Christina lifestyle. All of these are essential. example: in a war, the troops on the front lines must be supplied.

#3. Discipleship development - teach, train, develop, equip workers. According to a Barna survey, only slightly over 4% of Americans attempt to live daily life according to a Biblical world view!! This is the same figure of people able to define the gospel, John 3:16, and the Great Commission.
Among (non-catholic_ protestant pastors, only 51% admitted to having a Biblical world view.

Frequent objection: "I'm NOT gifted!!
Answer: Yes, you are. But gifted is not the most important issue!!

GREATER ISSUES (than gifted):
1. willingness to submit
2. determination to be part
3. intentionality
4. availability
5. knowledge of HIM, His WILL, His Word, His Ways, etc.
6. continuity
7. trust that God will do through you.
8. ACTION!! We are God's ambassadors here and now!! Matt. 6:9-10

Monday, March 9, 2009

Kingdom Living

The Kingdom of God is the SPHERE of His rule.... future and Present! - Matt. 6:25-33

Question: So, how do we live in the Kingdom now?? What's Kingdom life look like?

Answer: Kingdom living is living under and in response to His LORDSHIP and His LEADERSHIP.

Kingdom Living is the whole of Christian life.


#1. Kingdom life begins with a Kingdom birth.
John 1:11-13 and John 3:3-7

NOTE: You can live by Kingdom rules and appearances and NOT be in the Kingdom.
Matt. 7:21 and Matt. 5:20

So: How to enter??? The terminology is broad. ie: born again, repent, saved, receive Christ, etc.
But, the concept is always the same. You enter the Kingdom when you accept the King.

#2. Kingdom life practices dual (multiple) citizenship.
An example is Paul: Phil. 3:20 with Rom. 13:1
We.... belong to multiple kingdoms - (world, country, state, county, community) and we should seek the welfare of those kingdoms. He left us here to be salt and light in this world.

BUT... your primary and ultimate allegiance is to CHRIST. Acts 4:18-20 When the kingdoms are in an ultimate clash, we MUST choose HIS kingdom.

#3. PROPER Kingdom living means living according to Kingdom Rules. (law)

Note: following the rules does not get you into the Kingdom
breaking the rules doesn't get you expelled from the Kingdom.
It is not talking about good works.

BUT that does NOT mean there are no rules!! (no boundaries, right and wrong)

A frequent objection: We're not under The Law. Jude 4
Answer: Not under THE Law does not mean there is No Law!! Gal. 5:13


#4. PROPER Kingdom living requires knowing His Will.
which requires: A. seeking His Will - we will find it when we seek for it.
B. studying His Word
C being sensitive to His Spirit

#5. PROPER Kingdom living means submitting to His Will - for you.

Some things are not clearly outlined in scripture (tithing, drinking, gambling, etc.)
Therefore, you must: A. seek His will
B. study His Word
C. be Sensitive to His Spirit
D. be honest with yourself. Jer. 17:9

The problem is: we are easily convinced that what WE want is what God wants for and of us!!!

Kingdom living is more than following the Rules. It is following Him and His will for YOU.

#6. PROPER Kingdom living is productive Kingdom living.

Matt. 21:43 Jesus' words to the chief priests, elders, and Pharisees in the temple.

The Point: He expects us to do something in the Kingdom, for the Kingdom, with the Kingdom.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Kingdom of God - continued

The Kingdom is:

I. Available to all but by invitation only.
The bad news is the you must be invited to enter the kingdom. It's by invitation only. John 6:44 It is HIS kingdom. He rules.
The good news is that you're invited. All are invited. Rev. 22:17

1 Thess. 2:12

II. freely offered but a response is required. Matt. 22:1-10
A. Not by: good works - Matt. 21:31 , religiosity - Matt. 7:21-23 , sincerity - a response is required.

B. by grace (def. - the unmerited/underserved favor Col. 1:12-14
All we have to do is come.

III. simple as a child's choice but difficult as an adult decision.

Contrast: Mark 10:13-16 and Mark 10:17-25 It wasn't his wealth that kept him out, but he wouldn't make Jesus Lord.

IV. great gain for those who pursue it, but incredible loss for those who ignore it.

Contrast: Matt. 13:44 & 45 - what's it worth to get into the Kingdom.
and Luke 10:8-12 (why so harsh? Luke 10:16)

Summary: The Kingdom is: Available - don't ignore the invitation
Free - but you must respond
Simple - but - can be difficult decision/choice
Great gain!! Luke 12:29-32