Monday, March 3, 2008

2/17/08 AM - The Misuse of Money

There are over 2000 verses in the Bible about money and possessions.
Therefore we need to know God's will for the use of money.
The misuse of money includes:
#1. Acquiring it improperly. Prov. 10:2a 11:1a 13:11a 20:17 21:6 - Acquiring money needs to be done within God's will and plan.
Hab. 2:9-11 - speaking of wealth built by improper means - these will witness against you on that final day.
#2. Using it to take advantage of others. Ezek. 18:5 / 7 & 8 10-13 = taking advantage of a good deal and of a person who may be in a tight spot. Usury.
#3 Using it to pervert justice. (or buy favors) Prov. 17:23 Ex. 23:8 / 23:3 Don't offer a bribe, don't take a bribe. There is no difference if you are taking the side of the rich or the side of the poor. God is about justice. We;re not to be partial.
#4. Hoarding (to run up prices) Prov. 11:26 / 11:25 for the purpose of taking advantage of those in need, ie: It's mine and I'm keeping it and not using it to any good. Good stewardship says, "God, what shall I do with it?"
#5. Withholding - wages, payments, gifts, what's due Prov. 3:27 & 28 Mal. 3:5 w// 3: 8 & 9 This speaks of withholdling good from those who deserve it, especially wages due, payments, gifts, etc. when you have it in your power to pay.
#6. Greedy Indulgence Phil. 3:17-19 Person who wants stuff to consume on self. Worships the 'belly' god. His god is sensuality, lust, pleasure, and consumption. Worshipers of Belly God called Consumers.
#7. Indiscriminate borrowing. Prov. 22:7 It is not sinful to borrow, but it does make you a servant to the lender. And it can make you a slave. You can't serve God when you have to serve a debt holder.
#8. Indiscriminate spending. Prov. 21:17-20 Illustration: credit cards - since 1950 roughly 1.2 billion credit cards in the United States.
Problem is not the use of credit/debit cards but when used to spend indiscriminately. 40% of Americans last year spent more than they made, and paid more interest than they gave to God's work.
#9. Apathy and indifference Prov. 27:23 & 24 Don't take money and possessions for granted or lightly.
Pay attention to investments and possessions.
Matt. 12:36 - "man will give account on the day of judgment for every carless word spoken." Could the same principle apply to money?? We will answer for what He gave us and what we did with it.
#1. The Lord has blessed you with wealth
#2. God expects you to use it wisely.
#3. All wisdom comes from God even wisdom in financial matters.
#4. He who doesn't seek God's counsel on money is not seeking the whole will of God.
#5. The use or misuse of money is a moral issue!
#6. As surely as He condemns the misuse of money, He blesses the proper use of money. Prov. 10:22
So......... where are you in this matter?
A.. Are you on the throne of your heart with God on the outside?
B.. Is God in your heart but you are on the throne making the decisions and He is at the foot?
C.. Is God in your heart and ON the throne where He belongs with you at the foot.
Are you willing to adjust? Change? Correct?

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