Monday, March 3, 2008

1/27/08 PM - Stewardship continued

STEWARDSHIP continued. Luke 16:1-9 “The unjust steward…” or (NIV) – “the shrewd steward”

Note: Jesus is NOT commending dishonesty, but shrewdness. The definition of shrewdness – clever, resourceful, prudent, proficient….

I The moral of the story – Verse 9 of text. He was shrewd (wise) in the use of his resources.

A. The unfaithful steward used his resources to gain men’s favor and build earthly accounts

B. We are to use our resources to gain God’s favor and build heavenly accounts.

II The convicting part - Verse 8 of text.

A. Are lost people better than saved people at stewardship?

B. Do they do a better job with their resources than we do with ours?

For example: Hitler was gifted with great leadership qualities, but he didn’t use it to build heavenly accounts, but instead focused on earthly things.

BIBLICAL VIEW – a steward should be……

#1. Honest, trustworthy, faithful - I Cor. 4: 1 & 2

#2. Hardworking Matt. 25:26 Prov. 18:9

#3. Focused Matt. 6:19 & 20

#4. Innovative, resourceful – Matt. 25:14 - Parable of the Loaned Money & Luke 16:1- Parable of the Shrewd Steward

#5. Be intent on serving the Master and expanding His holdings


#1. He’s not asking you to serve beyond your abilities Matt. 25:15

#2. He’s not asking you to service beyond your means

#3. Those who receive the most are expected to produce the most. Luke 12:47 & 48

#4. resources are not only to be used but used wisely. (think investments/compound returns, etc…)

Scripture: 1 Pet. 5:1 & 2 This principle applies to any servant/steward.

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