Monday, March 3, 2008

1/13/08 - AM Becoming a Better Servant


#1. Decide to serve - accept and follow on Example: Peter in the test.

This means: Put Christ on the throne
Obey Him as boss
Perform – works and service

#2. Remember Who you serve.

#3. Look for opportunity John 4:35

#4. Take the opportunity Gal. 6:10

#5. Serve withouth strings but not without purpose. The example is Jesus
There were no requirements for healing in Jesus’ ministry, but there was a purpose in the healings.
He was trying to connect people to God.

#6. Serve in the strength you have Judges 6:14

but also..

#7. Serve in the power of Christ Col. 1:29 How do we do this?

A. Accept Him – He will save us and send His Spirit to live in us.
B. Enthrone Him – make him truly Lord and boss
C. Call on Him – prayer
D. Serve HimJohn 21:18:22 Just do it…….
E. Trust Him – “go and I will go with you”

#8. Leave the results to God - you are the servant – He is the Lord Is. 6:8-12, 55:10

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