Thursday, December 22, 2016

Savior Messiah

(Old Testament) MESSIAH:  The Anointed One who will come to deliver God's people

(New Testament) Greek = Christ - prophesied, expected, anticipated  - same exact meaning

Prophecies suggest a multi-faceted Messiah - Warrior, Prophet who spoke to God, Priest who intercedes for people, Sage imparts wisdom, King - the Ruler, Shepherd cares for the people,
But ALL Prophecies portray a DELIVERER. - All rabbis agree on this.

All these are appropriate, accurate, scriptural - easy to see Jesus in all of these.

Synonym for Deliverer? -- Savior - one who delivers from the Greek verb meaning to save.

So:  Luke 2:11 - to the shepherds - the Messiah, the Christ
       John 4:42 - Samaritans
       Acts 13:23 - Paul to synagogue

Hence the title - Titus 1:4 - Christ Jesus, our Savior.  2 Pet. 1:11

Jesus - the Savior Messiah

IF Jesus = Savior, has saved and does save, Then Christians (then and now) need to answer some very valid questions.

#1.What did (does) Jesus save us from?
short answers:
    A)  our sin(s) - Matt. 1:21 - angel to Joseph
    B) separation - bridge illustration - 2 Cor. 5:18-19
    C) death - (skeptic may ask ''really?")  John 11:25-26 - "I am the resurrection and life", 1 Cor. 15:25-26 - fulfilled in Rev. 20
He didn't come to deliver us from biological death.

#2.  How did He (does He) accomplish this?
Short answer = Sacrifice - Old Testament pictures and prophecies

    A)  Substitutionary,  B) sinless w/free will,  C) self - Rom. 3:23-25, 2 Cor. 5:21
which answers the long-standing question regarding the Suffering Servant - ex.  Isa. 53:4-6, 11-12
For Christians, Suffering Servant leads to Suffering Messiah

#3.  Why would He do this?
Short answer: - you are loved, valued - John 3:16

#4.  Why isn't this salvation more evident?  
One short answer = It's not yet completed!  Heb. 9:28 - "He's still working on me"

#5.  Do we really need a Savior?
short answer - YES!!  From a Christmas card - 'Greatest need was forgiveness so God sent a Savior'

#6.  Is there another way?
Jesus' answer = NO!!  John 14:6, John 8:24

So the Disciples - Acts 4:12

King Messiah

Isa. 9:6-7

Old Testament Jews were looking for Messiah.
Definition:  THE ANOINTED ONE - chosen, gifted, sent ... to deliver God's people, to restore the Kingdom

Scripture suggests different kinds of Messiah - (Warrior, Prophet, Priest, Sage)
So on one hand, even tho were differing ideas of Messiah, all agreed that Messiah = deliverer/restorer

Another kind of Messiah more than all these.  Because, there is one who is Combo of all these:  ie.  King Messiah.  Isa. 9:6-7 (again)

Ruler, protector, governor - on David's throne - Jer. 23:5-6 - righteous Branch, King  (note setting and time)

Characterized by wisdom/justice/righteousness - Isa. 11:1-5

A Shepherd - One who cares for His people - Ezek. 37:22-24 - one King over all of them

AND a ruler with God's Backing!!  Dan. 7:13-14

So..... Warrior - who'll fight for and protect His people
           Prophet - who'll bring the people word(s) from God
           Priest - who'll intercede on their behalf (to God)
           Sage - who'll possess and impart Wisdom
           Shepherd - who cares for His people
A just and righteous man who has the Ability to 'get 'er done'

#1.  Would you  - vote for such a man??   #2.  Would you Serve such a man??

Scripture points to Jesus as that "King Messiah".
Luke 1:30-33 - Angel to Mary - lineage of David, will be King
Matt. 2:1-2 - Magi
Matt. 2:3-6 - Scribes and Old Testament prophecy

this = the hope of the disciples - John 1:49 - Nathanial - King
this = the understanding of the people - John 12:12-13

This was used by Jesus' persecutors - Luke 23:1-3
And noted as the reason He was crucified - John 19:19-22
and the reason He was mocked - Mark 15:29-32 - even His persecutors came to recognize He was King Messiah - "King of the Jews"

In Jesus' life we see - prophet, sage, shepherd
BUT - warrior?  ruler?  deliverer?  KING??

Some rabbis therefore concluded there must be "2 messiahs" - maybe more
Post-resurrection Christians concluded there was 1 Messiah and 2 comings (appearances)
AND He'll Satisfy the unfulfilled prophecies - at His RETURN!!  Rev. 11:15,  Rev. 19:15-16 - King of kings, and Lord of lords.

NOTE:  this does not mean He'll be made King t His return, but = HE IS KING NOW
THAT WILL BE MANIFEST at His return!!   

UNTIL then you've the option of choice!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Hope of (a) Messiah

Isa. 9:6-7   ( Isa. 11:1-9 )

Messiah = root:  to anoint  (rub on, pour on oil - holy oil set apart for that particular purpose), therefore symbolizing
1) being set apart (holy) (by God to God's work)
2)  being given authority to act on God's behalf (by God to do God's work)

Anointing used of Old Testament priests - Ex. 30:0 - exclusively for Aaron & his sons
Also, of prophets and Kings - 1 Kings 19:15-16 - God to Elijah - Vs. 15 - pagan king over a pagan nation
So, Psm. 105;15 - they are mine - the Lord stands behind them

So, on one hand there were many 'anointed ones',
However, in the highest sense this applied to:

THE promised Deliverer of God's people who would come TO:
(1) deliver His people (from bondage, oppression)
and (2) restore the Kingdom to it's rightful and proper place)

How was Messiah to accomplish this?   Various views=
1).  Warrior Messiah - Psm. 2:1-9 - example:  David.  This was the view of the Zealots (Simon - one of the 12) - must overthrow Rome by military means

2) Prophet Messiah - through preaching and teaching of the Word, the Law would lead to moral, ethical and religious revival which would lead to blessings and restoration.  Example:  Moses - Deut. 18:15

3) The High Priest Messiah - the spokesman for God - stood between God and the people - go between
Combination of priest, prophet, politician (administrator) (and, sometimes warrior)

Through proper ritual and ceremony (temple) plus proper leadership (administrative oversight) would come God's blessings which would bring restoration. 
Psm. 110:1-4 - MacAbees, Hasmoneans, Sadducees - this was their view

4).  The Sage Messiah - deliverance and restoration through wisdom, compassion, good works.
Example:  Solomon, Ghandi, characterized by meekness, gentleness, goodness ... example:  Jesus' words - Luke 7:20-23

PROBLEM!!  The prophecies suggest all of these!  So, warrior or peacemaker?  administrative leader or humble servant?  arrive riding on clouds?  or a donkey?

The Agreement nevertheless was:
#1.  Messiah is God's Anointed One
#2.  He will come as promised
#3.  He'll deliver God's people from oppression to glory

In Jesus' Day - expectation was extremely high.
Messiah was:
1) - expected, anticipated
2) to deliver from Roman oppression
3)  to restore the Kingdom to glory days of David and Solomon)

Note:  the word Messiah" carried over into the Greek language Cristos and into English - CHRIST.

So........ a natural question of John the Baptist - John 1:19-20

The Disciples believed Jesus to be that ONE
words of John the Baptist - John 1:35-36, 41, 45
Jesus 'self reference - Luke 4:16-21
Jesus disclosure to Samaritan woman - John 4:25-26
Recognition by Martha - John 11:27 (which He accepted)
(He didn't openly declare His Messiahship)

Peter (& disciples) confession - Matt. 16:13-17 - saw through divine intervention
Death & the cross - shattered that hope.
Resurrection renewed that hope.
A combination of post-resurrection teaching and coming of the Holy Spirit elevated that hope to a whole new height!!
 Acts 2:36 - "both Lord  Christ"!!  which = Messiah Lord or THE ENTHRONED MESSIAH.  Hence, "THE LORD JESUS CHRIST" - not just an individual that God used in a mighty way.

This then, we see ---- Jesus Messiah --
1) came as promised  (prophesied)
2 to deliver His people
3) from their oppression (oppressors)
4) to a (former) state of glory - going to restore us to what should be - what was.

This Jesus is both Lord and Christ.