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2/10/08 AM - Biblical Concept of Money


Servanthood is tied to Stewardship which is tied to Money

The Bible deals with money and possessions more than any other single thing mainly because money is very important to us, and we are very important to God.

It is not an important issue to God, but it is to us.

The principle is: if it’s often repeated, it is important.

Note: The Bible doesn’t condemn money, ie: possessions, acquisitions, accumulation of wealth, or the pursuit of wealth and possessions. Prov. 8:20 & 21 Deut. 8:18

It does condemn…....I. The Love of Money (attitude)

II. Misuse of Money. (action)

So…THE LOVE OF MONEY I Tim. 6:6-10

The definition of love of money: always reaching and grabbing for, unhealthy desire for, greed, avarice, lusting after.

1. The love of money is difficult to measure

Symptoms include: A. Money is primary focus and concern,. It demands a lot of your time, attention, and focus when there are no immediate needs to be met.
B. You never get enough.
C. You resent others getting some of what is yours (through gifts, purchases, wages, etc.)
D. You’re willing to sin to obtain it; cheat, lie, compromise integrity, etc.

2. The love of money is not just about currency. Ex. You don’t love $$, just the things $$ can buy. It’s also more than material things. It can be comforts, pleasures, popularity, power

3. The love of money can be occasional and proportional. It’s not a primary issue in life but it is there sometimes to some degree. ie: we love it a little too much.

Question: Why do we struggle with this so much? Why do we love $$$ so much?

Answer: We believe it can produce what we long for and desire – self worth, satisfaction, security, happiness, popularity – and it can produce these things. BUT only in a temporary, superficial way.

There’s nothing wrong with having these things but they can’t meet the need of our heart.

The Bible says: The love of money:

#1. creates a greater thirst for money. Eccles. 5:10 & 11

#2. creates a false sense of security. Luke 12:16-23 Parable of the rich man

Prov. 18:11 wealth of the rich is their

fortified city…..”

Money doesn’t prevent us from dying and meeting our maker.

#3. diverts your focus from what is important. Matt. 22:34-40 What matters finally in the end is:

A. our relationship with God (eternal Kngdom)

Luke 18:23-25 Matt. 6:31-33

Rich, young ruler. Loved him money more than eternal life.

And… B. our relationship with people.

#4. Makes you spiritually unproductive. Matt. 13:7 & 22 Parable of the seeds: cares of life and deceitfulness of wealth chokes out the new plant and it becomes unfruitful.. The love of money chokes us spiritually.

SUMMARY: I Tim: 6: 9 & 10. “People who wan tto get rich fall into temptation and a trap……for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…..”

Vs. 11 “…..but you man of God, flee from all this and pursue righteousness, godliness…..”

Again: there is nothing wrong with money. The problem is the LOVE of money.

We must… A. examine ourselves for it. Not only our attitude toward it, but our practice as well.
B. Guard against it. Luke 12:15 “….Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed……”

For Christians, this is all summed up in Luke 16:13 - “No servant can serve two masters……..You cannot serve both God and Money.”

You can have both, but it’s a Lordship issue, not a money issue.

So, where are you concerning this issue???

Is God in your heart at all?

Is God in your heart, but you are on the throne calling the shots?

Is God in your heart AND on the throne as Lord?

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