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Matt. 28:18 – “Then Jesus….said,…..'All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations……’” - The Great Commission. Jesus had all authority to give this commission.

The first and primary way to spread the gospel and fulfill the great commission is to minister to our own family.

The second is to go beyond the family to other families.

COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL – a well-known, well run Christian development ministry. It has been in operation for over 50 years.

Their philosophy includes:

#1 – Aim Lower - target kids with the gospel

Worldwide – between 60% and 80% of gospel respondents are under the age of 12 when they accept Christ.

In the United States, the probability of accepting Christ as Savior is:

32% for ages 5 – 12

4 % for ages 13 – 18

6% for ages 19 and up

Researchers claim that moral and spiritual development begins as early as 2 years of age.

Also, moral and spiritual foundations are generally determined by the age of 9

Spiritual identity is largely established by the age of 13.

This doesn’t mean that a person can’t or won’t change after 13, but that they are most likely to have established a primary and basic belief system by then.

After the age of 13, you have to make a radical change in your belief system when accepting Christ.

Therefore: Aim Lower

#2. Think Smaller.

Well-trained, well- established kids are the most effective means of reaching other kids – in relational evangelism. Matter of fact and unintentional.

Christian children naturally, in an uninhibited and unintentional way, win their friends to Christ.

This doesn’t mean presenting the Roman Road to salvation, or using the wordless book, but simply

A. influencing them to attend church and accept basic concepts and beliefs, and

B. ultimately directing them to Christ.

Kids can encourage their friends to come to Bible Release Time, Sunday School, Day Camp, etc. Any place they are to learn about Christ, they can invite their friends to come as well.

In Thinking Smaller, we need to think about:

A. Christian leadership training in Pre-Teen years.

B. Parents coming to Christ because of their children’s faith.

#3. Give Up – of your abundant resources and blessings to help accomplish reaching people for Christ and changing the world.

In the USA, if “A” equals the amount spent of reaching and teaching a child for Christ, then the amount spent on caring for a convicted, incarcerated felon equals “A” x 68. In other words, we in the US spent 68 times as much caring for a convicted, incarcerated felon than we do on reaching children for Christ.

Worldwide – only 15% of global missions giving is directed toward children, but 60% to 80% of respondents to Christianity are children.

#4. Go Have A Cup of Coffee – cooperate with other Christians. This includes: locally, denominationally, associationally, cooperative program, etc.

Here where we live, this means cooperate with a local church which is ministering to kids in needy and developing countries.

Compassion International works with nearly 4,000 churches in 25 developing countries.

Next week congregation will have the opportunity to select a child to support and stay in touch with. This is at a cost of $32.00/month. Packets containing a picture of the child and a profile will be here for you to look at and decide.


#1. Not everyone should do “Compassion” ministry.

A. Your heart, passion, ministry may be elsewhere which is OK.

B. You may not be able to afford it.

Either way, you shouldn’t feel guilty for not participating. You can support this without money, or you can team up with another family or two to divide up the monthly cost.


#2. Everyone should do something. Matt. 5:13-16 – “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness,….it is no longer good for anything……,. You are the light of the world……….let your light shine before men…..”

Ministry if for ALL Christians. Changing the world is our vocation.

#3. That “something” should be MORE than just social work.

Social work is doing good without strings attached, but without a higher purpose.

Doing good without strings is NOT the same as doing good without a purpose. We should always have a purpose.

Christians should do more than “Go M.A.D.” (go Make A Difference). They should also “Go M.A.E.D.” – (go Make An Eternal Difference).as well.

Compassion International is one way to be salt and light and make a difference and make an eternal difference for $1.00 a day.

Oddly enough,

#4. You can BE salt and light and M.A.D. and M.A.E.D., without:

A. Being Saved

B. Being committed to Christ or the gospel or the Great Commission.

For example: anyone can get involved in Compassion International. We recommend this program to anyone..

But-----why would you do that???

The greatest blessings and impact and outcome are going to be the result of a living Christ working: A. in you

B. through you

You will maximize the effect of what you do when you are committed to Christ.

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