Monday, March 3, 2008

1/20/08 PM - Serv. the Srvnts. Pt. 2 - When It's You

SERVING THE SERVANTS Part 2 When It’s You (when you have an Elijah experience)

What to do??

I. Take a break (if possible)

God granted Elijah 40 days. Jesus sought rest time for days

Don’t pull out every time it gets tough Jer. 12:5

Don’t quit God or the faith or ministry

Do use it as a rest stop. Take a refresher break……. if possible

You must be the judge – don’t be more demanding of yourself than God is, so don’t be a wimpy servant.

II.. Remember what you know! You know…….

A. your best efforts don’t always make…..

1. an immediate difference

2. an obvious difference

3. an enormous difference

Don’t be surprised when you don’t see immediate, obvious, enormous difference!

But you also know:……

B. Your service does make a difference!

Based on:

#1. God’s Word. Is. 55:11 - true of words and true of works.

#2 The Big picture

#3 Personal Experience (something that made a difference to you)

C. Your feelings don’t always line up with the facts.

D. Your feelings are powerful and demanding

But also:

E. Your feelings tend to re-align with truth……given time.

F. You’re not the only one to go thru this 1 Cor. 10:13

G. God won't allow you to be crushed by it.

And many other things you know

Note… Paul alled on us to remember and recall what we know. Rom. 5:3 Rom. 8:28 James 1:3 “knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.”


When you struggle like this…..

#1. Take a break (if possible)

#2. Remember (or recall) what you know!

III. Don’t let your emotions (feelings) rule.

This is easier said than done, but WHO is LORD? Phil.3:19

When emotions have ruled (over-ruled)…. Admit, confess, ask forgiveness, and go again! I John 1:9

IV Find a Place to Vent

Options: a.- alone b.- trusted brother or sister c. - God d. - Combination of these!

Note: generally….A. don’t vent to those who are the source of frustration James 2:19&20

B. do consider venting to God Jer. 20:7 & 8

C. best venting usually is a combination of “the Father” and “somebody with skin on.

V. Get another perspective From……..

A. GOD His word, His presence example: Elijah

B. a trusted brother or sister

C. a combination of A & B…..

Note: sometimes it’s hardest to see what you’re closest to!

VI. Go serve another person

A. One of the best ways out of the pit --- help another.. Especially if:

B. Their pit is greater!

VII. Climb back in the saddle soon. (what should you do when the horse throws you?)

Reading: Poem by Rachel Patrick

If the way is kinda gloomy and the chances kinda slim,

And the situation puzzlin’ and the prospects awful grim.

If perplexes keep on risin’ ‘til all hope is nearly gone.

Just bristle up and grit your teeth and keep on keepin’ on!

Scripture: I Cor. 15:58 "God He has determined....."

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