Monday, March 3, 2008

1/20/08 AM - Serving the Servants

Servanthood Series continued


Scripture Ref: I Kings 19:1-19 Story of Elijah’s escape from Jezebel – ran in fear of his life, wanted to give up. God let him rest 40 days, then gave him other tasks.

Two Parts;

Part 1 – What’s the Problem? Part 2 – What Can We Do?

I. What’s the Problem?

1. He’s human Rom. 3:23 James 5:17

2. He’s exhausted

A. Ministry drains the soul

B. It’s not just big battles, but accumulation of small stuff

3. He’s hurt.

A. He’s being criticized Jer. 15:10

B. He’s being criticized for doing good

4. He’s depressed - he’s worked so hard, sacrificed so much --- for what?

Can bear a lot if you think it M.A.D. (makes a difference)

5. He feels worthless – my best results in nothing of consequence

6. He feels alone - “nobody knows or cares”

Question: Can you identify with Elijah’s feelings? Have you ever experienced this?

But, this is not about you, but about others, so---

II. What Can We Do? (for servants burned out or broken down)

Answer: Treat them as God treated Elijah. Refer to opening text.

1. Notice.

2. Ask……( how are you doing? Spiritually, in your walk with God, etc.) … then ask again. (really?... on a scale of 1 – 10? )

3. Listen. Stop. Really listen – without interruption, criticism, or immediate advice. Prov. 25:20 Rom: 12:15

4. Offer encouragement. – recognition, appreciation, affirmation Prov. 12:25 15:23 16:24

5. Give Assistance. Ex. 17:10-13 = all servants. The ways to do this are infinite – hugs to housecleaning

6. Give them time – to get beyond feelings, ie: weariness, depression, etc. Question: What army shoots its wounded???

7. Give them another chance.

8. (at the right time) Give them another challenge.

Observations: A. If we did more of #1 - #5, we’d have less need of #6 – 8

B. If you serve to Make a Difference, here’s a place to Make a Difference.

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