Monday, August 3, 2020

Colossians Study continued

Col. 1;21-29 - refuting the " Colossian Heresy" - that need more than the gospel for salvation.

I.  The Work of the Gospel - Col. 1:24 - (work = for the gospel to be presented, etc.)
    Doesn't mean that Christ's work is lacking and Paul must complete it!
    However means that sacrifice and suffering still needed TO build the church, develop the body.

Col. 1:24 NAS - "my share"
Paul does all this for the body of the church.  A church will not grow and thrive without work!
Col. 1:28-29 - Question:  HOW TO  "labor in His energy"?
                       Answer = (1)  WORK - (go and do)
                            AND   (2)  TRUST - = Paul and God.  Can't do it without God, but God tends to do it
WITH you!!!!
Compare:  Phil. 2:12-13

II.  The Commission of God - Col. 1:25  (with Col. 1:1)
Paul's commission = Apostle ... BY God's commission, calling, appointment, arrangement
YOUR commission = _________ BY God's commission, calling, appointment, arrangement

We are all given ...  (A)  the GREAT Commission - Matt. 28:19-20
                      also, (B)  a Local Commission - 1 Cor. 12:7, 11, 27 - this is not just for Paul
If you are called to a particular church, you have a job to do in that church.  You are part of the body and must function for the body as a whole to function.

III.  The Mystery of the Faith - Col. 1:25-26
The mystery is NOT a riddle to be solved.  Rather = a truth undiscoverable without divine revelation.
The Gospel is not something we must figure out by sleuth!  (investigation, genius) - as per the Gnostic Gospels.
Rather the Gospel = something unknowable until God revealed the answer!  Example:  death, burial, resurrection of Christ!

The "Good News" WAS "kept hidden" but NOW revealed and available to ALL!!!  "No Secrets!!!
Maybe incomprehensible, but not secret.

IV.  The Hope of Glory
by definition = the expectation of glorious things (promised us)
Col. 1:27 ... "Christ in your IS YOUR hope of glory"
Confidence in Christ (faith) comes from 2 sources:

(1)  Objective Evidence - (external facts) ie:  miracles performed, prophecies fulfilled, words of Christ, the Resurrection
(2)  Subjective Experience  (internal experience as here!!)
Rom. 8:9-10
Gal. 2:20
Eph. 3:17
hence the picture of Christ knocking at the door of your heart - Rev. 3:20
2 Cor. 13:5
Christian should possess Both objective evidence and subjective experience.

Closing Challenge:  Col. 2:5 - "as Received ... so walk..."

The Challenge,  the charge = Examine....
    (1)  Your reception OF Christ - did you receive Him as Savior and Lord?
    (2)  Your walk WITH Christ - are you giving proper response to your Savior and Lord?

Colossians was a personal letter .... from Paul to Christians at Colosse.  BUT, through the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, it becomes a personal letter ... FROM God.... TO.... YOU!!!

What are you going to do about that???

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