Monday, August 24, 2020

Col. 2:9-3:3 Christ is Sufficient

Primary message of Colossians  - written because of the heresy that had started in Colosse.  - Colossian Heresy - add to the gospel, take a bit away from the gospel
Message =  Christ is Sufficient:
for ALL Spiritual needs!  to GAIN salvation and to KEEP salvation!!

Therefore, adding to His work = unnecessary and distorts the gospel
taking from  His Person and work(s).  Distorts the gospel and misrepresents God.

Today's Passage = Col. 2:9-3:3 - "nailed to the cross" = the ceremonial part of the Law.  Christians not obligated to the ceremonial law.  That was fulfilled with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.  Are obligated to the Moral Law - that hasn't and doesn't change.

I)  You were dead (spiritually)
II)  God made you alive (spiritually)
III)  You've been circumcised (spiritually)
IV)  You've been baptized  (spiritually)

Question:  Why is Paul saying all this?
Because he wants it understood ... IF you've accepted Christ (by faith), THEN you are firmly and securely established in Christ!!!  There is nothing you need ot ADD to that!!!

V)  Don't Submit to the World's Rules.  This does not mean the rules of nature, science, creation.
 = religious, philosophic, moral dictates of man
VI)  Submit to Christ; follow His Rules

I)  You were spiritually dead - (not physically dead)
ie:  A.  separated from  the Source of Life (Spiritual, Eternal)
     B.  (largely) insensitive to that Source (Holy Spirit) - to spiritual things.  1 Cor. 2:14

II)  God made you spiritually alive - Col. 2:13 with 2 Cor. 5:17-18 - God did it!  FOR you and TO you!!
    (1)  God *Holy Spirit) convicts (convinces)
    (2)  You decide, open self to Him
    (3)  He does the work.... you don't add to it!!!

III)  You've been spiritually circumcised
      Originally circumcision was a sign of the Covenant with God (example:  Abraham - Gen. 17)
Here = the putting offu, cutting away of the old man, sinful nature.  Col. 2:11 - old nature is removed - have new nature - positionally but not necessarily experientially
Point = you've been received into and recognized as one of God's chosen

And, so
IV)  You've been spiritually baptized   Col. 2:12 - hence, example:  Baptism formula used here:  "buried with Christ, resurrected to walk in the newness of life" - Rom. 6:4
Point = You are a new creature, cration, person .... in Christ!!!
      By the WORK of God, by the Reckoning of God (declaration of God) = "saint"
Not basing salvation on the person, but on the work of Christ!
You are fully accepted by God!!  And securely established in Christ!

V)  Don't submit to the world's rules
Again... this is not talking about the rules of nature, science, creation.
Rather = religious, philosophic, moral dictates OF MAN!!
ie:  you needn't follow Man's rules to establish or secure your relationship with God!!!

Two Questions here:
#1.  "how then should I live?"
Options - A)  in response to the dictates of the world (man)
               B_ in response to the dictates of God, Christ

#2.  "how then should I decide?"
Answer = (a)  take a good look at the world ... not only its arguments and reasoning, but at the outcome of its reasoning.
then (b) do the same with Christ!!!

This is not an issue of preference!!  (what you like!)
This is and issue of what is RIGHT!!!

VI)  Submit to Christ; follow His Rules - don't add to, don't take from

Words of Christ - Matt. 7:24-27 - wise man and foolish man.
Question:  Where you going build your house???   On what are you going to establish your life??

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