Monday, July 27, 2020

The All Sufficient Christ

The "Colossian Heresy" = Christ is Good!!  BUT not sufficient!
Said you need Jesus plus some things, or minus some things.

Compare to today:  "I believe in Jesus ... but. ... (A) I also believe .... (add to)  or (B) but I don't believe ... (take away)!

Paul's Stance = CHRIST (alone) is Sufficient!!!

Col. 1:15-23 = goldmine of Christology.  (We will only have time to walk through and pick up surface gems.)  This is a prime text for a study of Christ!!

(1)  The visible image of the Invisible God!
this = Incarnation - John 1:1, 14, 14:9
This = an incredible claim!  Made the Jews really angry.
This = an incomprehensible doctrine!  - 1 Tim. 3:16
AND ... absolutely counters the Colossian Heresy!! - If this is true, it is not necessary that we understand it!

This is the basis for C.S. Lewis' - "Liar, Lunatic, Lord arguments"

(2)  The 1st. born ... over all creation!
This expresses both  (a) TIME - before all because is eternal
                               (b)  RANK - over all because is Lord
Matt. 28:18 - "all authority..."

(3)  The Creator ... of all things!!
Material & non- material.  beings & things, powers and authorities

"All things created ... (A) by Him - John 1:1-3
                                (B) for Him"
On one hand, for our enjoyment, pleasure, good....
However, it serves His purpose - to express love, to please, to create a safe and productive place
We're not the center of the universe.  He IS!

Point:  all creation serves His Purpose, His will, His intent

(4) Before all things = (A) He precedes all  (chronologically)
                                 (B)  he presides over all  (LORD)

Whatever Supernatural powers exist ... (A) He MADE them and (B) He is Lord over them.
Example:  His encounters with demons

(5)  The Sustainer  - "all things consist, cohere, hold together".  He is not just the creator, but the maintainer!
Question:  Why do we have a Cosmos?  instead of a Chaos?  - (it is ordered and functions exactly as is supposed to)  Heb. 1:3 a

(6)  The Head of the Church
The church is not our invention - Matt. 16:18  "I'll build my church"
Therefore, is not to be governed by Our rules!!!

(7)  The Beginning (of the church?)
already noted that He = 1st. in TIME and RANK
So here = origin and source of the (life of the) church.
ie:  it's founder and its fountain -- that which powers life into the church!!
(does the church continue to grow by man's ingenuity or Christ's Presence and Purpose?

(8)  The 1st. Born from the dead
Not the 1st to be restored to life - ex.  Elisha, Lazarus, etc.
But, the 1st. to OVERCOME DEATH!!!  to be permanently victorious.
These others died again.
vs. Col. 1:18 - "so that in Everything He might have the Supremacy"

Note:  1st. born is significant in that there will be others born ... to follow!!!  -1 Cor. 15:22-23

(9)  He is the God Man - Col. 1:19 - with Col. 2:9 - was human flesh!
ie.  the full nature of God ... resides in the Son!!  Phil. 2:6-7

He is
(10)  The Reconciler - Col. 1:20
Reconciliation indicates ... A)  A Rift between  (the fall)  and (B) A Restoration  - relationship mended, harmony restored
He fulfilled what was necessary for restoration.  Doesn't mean all will be saved.  Only those who accept Him and what He did.

Note:  "reconciler of ALL things"!!  Even Creation - Rom. 8:19-21
Note:  He reconciles .. BY making peace (what reconciliation IS)  Through His Blood  (death) ON the Cross (the time and place), (an event in history)
A physical event on a physical cross with a physical body!!!

Abbreviated Summary of:  Col. 1:21-23:
   Once you were alienated ...
   Now you are reconciled ...
   Through the death of His Physical body.

Col. 1:23 "This is the Gospel!!"

Is NO NEED to add to it ... ie:  works, spiritual guides, sacrifices, etc.

Is NO NEED to remove from it ... the cross, resurrection, blood, judgments, hell

Rom. 1:!6- "not ashamed ... 'because....."

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