Monday, August 17, 2020

Colossians continued

Text today = Col. 2:1-10

Jesus warned of false teachers, and false teachings.  (appearance looks good, sounds good, but inside = false)  Matt. 7:15-16, preceded by Matt. 7:13-14 - truth = narrow and specific.  Therefore, watch out for people who try to lead you astray.

Heresy = don't deny the faith, but water it down by adding to it.
This proved true in the early church (hence the Colossian Heresy) and remains true today.
Examples:  Jehovah's Witness, Mormons, Universalists, etc.

Thus, the relevance of the Book of Colossians!

Paul says in Col. 2:1-10 -

I.)  Don't Be Deceived - Col. 2:4, 2:8  (led astray)

This doesn't mean drift away .... due to neglect, indifference
It means enticed away (seduced) to follow false teachings

By ..."fine sounding arguments, hollow philosophy, deceptive philosophy" - example:  eggshell arguments - look good on the outside but no 'meat' inside

(A)  Doctrine (truth) Matters - it = what you build on!!!
1 Tim. 4:16 - what we believe!
                    why we believe it!
                    How to respond to it (live)
We have to understand the truth!!!!

(B)  Christian doctrine is built on revelation, not speculation.  1 John 1:1-3, Col. 2:18-19
Hence = Apostolic Authority - 1st. hand information directly from Christ.  The Apostles got this directly from Jesus Himself - personally

(C)  A "fine sounding" argument is not necessarily a sound argument. - Gen. 3:1-6
Compare:  Matt. 4:1-11

Satan AND false teachers use ;;;;
(1)  a "fine sounding argument" - example - Adam and Eve
and (2)  a semi-biblical argument - example:  Jesus' temptation by Satan

AND people persuaded because are not grounded in Christian doctrine!!

II.  As you have received Christ ... so walk in Him
Col. 2:6-7

Rooted ... IN THE FAITH!
Built up... IN THE FAITH!
Strengthened .. IN THE FAITH!
Eph. 4:11-15

and "overflowing with thankfulness" - Paul is big on Thanksgiving.
If you recognize your blessings, and acknowledge blessings, are more apt to stay on track!!

So... I)  don't be deceived ...
       II)  as received ... so walk....
(A)  All fullness dwells in Him - Col. 2:9  
(B) In Him you find your fullness - Col. 2:10
Compare:  2 Pet. 1:3
(1)  don't make Him less than He is  (Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, etc.
(2)  don't feel the need to add to Him!!

SUMMARY ... (1)  don't be deceived  (misled)
                         (2)  Put your faith (confidence) in Christ
ie:  come to Him, surrender, accept, etc.
            then      (3)  as received ... so walk .(continue)

This does not address all the issues of the Christian life. ie:  the way you walk is not found in how you get salvation, but follows salvation.
This makes a simple overview!!!

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