Sunday, August 9, 2020

Col. 1:28 - 2:10

Paul is battling "Colossian Heresy" - says Christ PLUS other stuff. This happening to newly established church. False teachers coming in - teaching must have Christ PLUS. Paul contradicting these teachers. 

I. Paul's Struggle (labor, efforts) he = "laboring" to BUILD the church - through evangelism, discipleship, preaching, teaching, training, traveling - overseeing the churches - often from afar --- not from prison!! Includes .. laboring in prayer!!! Especially Intercession!!!

For Paul - building the church = building the Kingdom!!
This viewpoint we should share!!!  ie:  to build OBC = to build God's Kingdom

This requires WORK, LABOR, STRUGGLE   Gal. 4:19-20
Compare the "struggle" of raising Kids!!

II.  Paul's Purpose - (in laboring)  Col. 2:2-3
   A).  Christians be encouraged (pour courage into) ... inspired to continue in the faith.  This = a ministry within itself

   B.)   Christians be United  - Eph. 4:4-6 - already united ... Positionally (in Christ)
   But,  Eph. 4:3 - must strive for Practical unity
On one hand, we are NOT going to agree on all points.
However, we can (and must) make effort toward peace and co-operation!!  Matt. 5:9

  C.  Christians gain understanding - (of Christ, of the Gospel)
Note:  Col. 2:2 ... "so that..."
In other words, ... that encouragement and unity Result in Understanding!!

Question:  How can Encouragement and Unity lead to understanding?
1 way would be in the atmosphere they create!!
ie:  an atmosphere wherein people  (A)  learn about Christ
                                                     (B)  encounter Christ

Generally speaking, a divided church does NOT Connect People to God!!

For us/OBC ... we should WORK at Encouragement and Unity in order to create an atmosphere in which God works!!!

Col. 2:6 - "as received .... so walk...."  (from KJV)

Paul struggled because he was building the Kingdom
      Should give people courage
      Seek and pursue unity for gospel witness' sake
      When this happens, people come to a knowledge of Him.

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