Sunday, January 1, 2017

Who Needs a Messiah?

Messiah:  THE Anointed One who will come and deliver His People - among all other things Messiah expected to do, ultimately - to DELIVER His People

Messiah = prophesied, expected, anticipated - at an all time high at Jesus' time.

Post resurrection message of the Apostles said that:  1)  Messiah (Christ)  has come and 2)  He had delivered His people

BUT - not as expected!!!!  Instead of delivering from a temporal, worldly oppressor (Rome), He has delivered from the Ultimate OPPRESSOR,  ie:  SIN  - Matt. 1:21 - (angel to Joseph)
Jesus means - God, the Lord saves.

Definition:  that which is outside of God's plan, will, design for us.
Note:  singular - Sin (state)   vs.  plural - sins (acts)

Point = all that oppresses man (plagues, burdens, afflicts) finds its ORIGIN in SIN!!

Therefore:  to eliminate Sin = eliminate oppression/calamity
(this idea not exclusive to New Testament, Christians.  Psm. 130:7-8 - was very well known by old testament Jewish people as well.

Various secular/and even some Christian views:

#1.  We don't need saving - "I'm OK, you're OK"

#2.  We don't need saving from Sin - need saving from things like global warming, political parties, etc.

#3.  We can save our self - example:  Evolutionary Ethics postulated back in 19th. century.  We will get better and better and that goodness will then be passed on to future generations.
However, ultimately and finally, we can't save ourselves.

#4.  Biblical View.......
       A.)  Who needs saving?  - on one hand, only the lost'!  Luke 19:10 (Matt. 9:12 - Jesus with sinners)
                                             - however, Rom. 3:23 - it's all of us!

       B)  What do we need saving from?  - Matt. 1:21  Christ saves from:
              a) Penalty - Rom. 6:23
             b) Power - Rom. 7:14, 20, 21, 24   
             c) Presence?
Note:  Past/Present/Future aspects of salvation:  

I have been saved - (justification)

I am being saved - (sanctification)

I will be saved -  (glorification) - best illustration of this is death.

Additional note:  the Jews didn't object to being saved from Sin - BUT their preference = saved from Roman Sin!!  - Matt. 1:21 - "their sins" - not other people's, society's, etc.

Point being:  my preference = be delivered from the sins of others
My need = be delivered from OWN sins!!!

      C)  Can we save ourselves?    - On one hand, we cannot save ourselves, however can allow ourselves to be saved!!!   Acts 2:40 - can cross the bridge

      D)  Who will He save?
            On one hand, 1 John 2:2  However, Matt. 1:21 - "His people" - = all who will come to Him (the ones who have crossed the bridge, will take His name) - Heb. 7:25   Point being:  Salvation = His work plus our choice!!

      E)  What are we saved to?   Short answer ... what we were (originally) created for!!   Fellowship and relationship with Him.

So...... who needs a Messiah???
           ME  (personally)
           YOU  (personally)
           US  (corporately, mankind)
Acts 4:12           

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