Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bible Study - 2nd. Timothy

Timothy and Titus = (1) pastoral epistles (Timothy @ Ephesus, and Titus @ Crete)
Paul is writing to two young ministers.

2 Tim. = (2) prison epistles (written approximately 66AD) - written from Roman prison

Were possibly Paul's last words!!! therefore, (3) very Personal epistles

All 3 epistles are full of simple, direct charges (instructions)
Example:  1 Tim. 4:7-19 = at least 11
1st & 2nd Timothy combined have minimum of 50.

These = imperatives/commands
BUT, are not 'or else' commands.  Rather = 'in order to' commands

As we look, we separate:
 the WASM = what was to Tim/for Tim./then
 the ISM = what applies to us today
EXAMPLE:  1 Tim. 1:3 - "stay at Ephesus" - this is personal to Timothy
                     1 Tim. 1:18 - "fight the good fight" - directive for all of us

The Bible Study focus = 2nd. Timothy
Divided into 3 areas:
1)  Instruction in Personal lifestyle and development
2) instruction in Evangelism, Sharing the Gospel
3) Instruction in Teaching & Discipleship; passing on the Faith

Lesson in Personal Lifestyle & Development  (from 2nd. Timothy)

#1.  Fan into flame - 2 Tim. 1:5-6 - example:  a hot fire unattended ==> going out.  So, 'kindle afresh'.

Question:  why not instruction in "how to"?
Answer:  Timothy already knew!!!  - Bible Study, Prayer, Fellowship with believers
Problem - sometimes is a lack of knowledge.  But often = failure to apply the knowledge we already have!!!  In which case, don't need more information to 'fan the flames'.

#2.  Be strong in grace - 2 Tim. 2:1
Question:  Is this "Christianese?  Lightly spoken? examples:  "bless you", "be well", etc.
NOTE:  these = last words!! Are spoken simply because:
         A.  are important
and   B.  this strength - choice!!  - How strong will you be.  You much choose.

#3.  Endure hardship - 2 Tim. 2:3
Does not mean go out and seek to suffer.
Means when you suffer, do it well - ie:  bear up, bear witness.  Examples:  martyrs

1 Pet. 2:18-21
Note:  2 Tim. 4:5  again?  why?  => 2 Tim. 3:10-12 - stand even if at odds with most of the world when stand for Christ.

#4.  Continue in what you have learned  2 Tim. 3:13-14
Again:  problem sometimes = lack of knowledge
           Problem often not continuing in what we've learned!!  (haven't made application of what we already know)
Heb. 2:1 - very rarely will a Christian step, walk, or turn away from the faith.  Instead, drift, slip, ease away little by little.

Paul goes on to instruct in Evangelism, Ministry, discipleship, etc.  BUT NOTE:  our ability to minister will not exceed our personal development!!!

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