Monday, January 16, 2017

Study of 2nd. Timothy - Part 2

Last week - learned that book of 2nd. Timothy =
Pastoral Epistle                                                                     
Prison Epistle - written from Roman prison during Paul's last imprisonment                                                Personal Epistle - "last words" to someone Paul called "his son in the faith"

Even though these were "last words", contained more instruction than sentiment!!  Why??  Because Paul desires Timothy to fulfill his calling (discharge all duties ..)  There are at least 50 imperatives - ie:  if you want to achieve must do these things.

On one hand, these words written to Timothy - WASM
However, can apply to us -                               ISM       Not everything applies to us, but much does.

Three areas of Instruction:   

1)  Evangelism   (sharing faith)
2)  teaching and discipling (passing the faith)
3)  personal lifestyle and personal development

      /\  if want to be Godly pastor, must be
     /   \  Godly parent, and to be a Godly parent must be
    /      \  Godly partner, and to be a Godly partner must be
  /          \  Godly person - it all begins here.

Last week - some instructions:
1)  fan into flame - (keep your faith alive)
2)  be strong in grace  (strength more than state of being, matter of choice.)
3)  endure hardship = suffer well - in a way that honors Christ and benefits others!
4)  Continue in what you've learned already - don't drift away.

Additional Instructions in Personal Lifestyle and Development

#1.  2 Tim. 2:15 - Apply yourself to God's Word - understand the whole picture
the word is workman, idea is craftsman - someone who knows inside and out - "a craftsman who has God's approval" - properly handles God's Word.
So --- 1)  Know God's Word, and 2) and handle it properly - (example of mishandling :  Ezek. 22:30 - taught as reference to Trump foretold in the Bible from the line to "build a wall")

#2.  2 Tim. 2:22 - Flee evil desires  
the word in the Greek = strong desire of any kind - dependent on the context
Point = flee any desire that is contrary to God's will for you.
Application is more than youth/sexual - Timothy was about 35 years old at this time.

2 Tim. 2:22 - Additional instructions = flee/pursue = Run from - put off
                                                                               Run to -  put on
any desires that apply to you at your age, at your place in life.

#3.  2 Tim. 3:1-5 - Avoid Godless People OR Choose your companions wisely
Doesn't mean no association.  But means friends, traveling companions.
Example:  Jesus "ate with sinners", BUT 1) didn't partake of their sins
                                                             2) didn't make them daily companions
                                                             3) didn't withhold the gospel in their presence, at their party!!
Prov. 13:20 - makes a difference who we hang with.

#4.  2 Tim. 4:3-5 - "in all situations"   KJV - "watch thou in all things", NAS - "be sober in all things" (clearheaded)  USE YOUR HEAD!!  - sober judgment
The problem is not following your heart!  The problem is following your heart WHEN IT'S WRONG!!!

2 more from 1st. Timothy:
#5.  1 Tim. 4:12 - Conduct yourself in a manner that wins respect  - this is not age/gender specific!!

#6.  2 Tim. 4:7 - TRAIN Yourself to be godly - the Greek word leads to gymnasium, gymnast - exercise, discipline yourself  because it all begins at the bottom of the triangle - being a Godly person

Why so much instruction and so little sentiment?
Not because Paul didn't love Timothy, but because (1) he did love him, and (2) wanted to see him PROSPER!!! in the spiritual sense - the sense that mattered!!!

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