Thursday, December 22, 2016

Savior Messiah

(Old Testament) MESSIAH:  The Anointed One who will come to deliver God's people

(New Testament) Greek = Christ - prophesied, expected, anticipated  - same exact meaning

Prophecies suggest a multi-faceted Messiah - Warrior, Prophet who spoke to God, Priest who intercedes for people, Sage imparts wisdom, King - the Ruler, Shepherd cares for the people,
But ALL Prophecies portray a DELIVERER. - All rabbis agree on this.

All these are appropriate, accurate, scriptural - easy to see Jesus in all of these.

Synonym for Deliverer? -- Savior - one who delivers from the Greek verb meaning to save.

So:  Luke 2:11 - to the shepherds - the Messiah, the Christ
       John 4:42 - Samaritans
       Acts 13:23 - Paul to synagogue

Hence the title - Titus 1:4 - Christ Jesus, our Savior.  2 Pet. 1:11

Jesus - the Savior Messiah

IF Jesus = Savior, has saved and does save, Then Christians (then and now) need to answer some very valid questions.

#1.What did (does) Jesus save us from?
short answers:
    A)  our sin(s) - Matt. 1:21 - angel to Joseph
    B) separation - bridge illustration - 2 Cor. 5:18-19
    C) death - (skeptic may ask ''really?")  John 11:25-26 - "I am the resurrection and life", 1 Cor. 15:25-26 - fulfilled in Rev. 20
He didn't come to deliver us from biological death.

#2.  How did He (does He) accomplish this?
Short answer = Sacrifice - Old Testament pictures and prophecies

    A)  Substitutionary,  B) sinless w/free will,  C) self - Rom. 3:23-25, 2 Cor. 5:21
which answers the long-standing question regarding the Suffering Servant - ex.  Isa. 53:4-6, 11-12
For Christians, Suffering Servant leads to Suffering Messiah

#3.  Why would He do this?
Short answer: - you are loved, valued - John 3:16

#4.  Why isn't this salvation more evident?  
One short answer = It's not yet completed!  Heb. 9:28 - "He's still working on me"

#5.  Do we really need a Savior?
short answer - YES!!  From a Christmas card - 'Greatest need was forgiveness so God sent a Savior'

#6.  Is there another way?
Jesus' answer = NO!!  John 14:6, John 8:24

So the Disciples - Acts 4:12

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