Monday, May 3, 2021

Leftovers! From Jeremiah

(things we haven't had time to touch on)

Jeremiah preached at a very difficult time.  - 40 years without success.  Was discouraging and disappointing.

I)  .....Concerning Sin - Jer. 17:9
Jeremiah said a lot about sing .. this verse sums it up!  Sin = anything contrary to God's will - by commission or omission.  Jeremiah predicted the exile to Babylon. 
"heart" = problem then and now - Rom. 3:23  All problems stem from someone or someones refusing to do God's will!
Compare  Judges 21:25.  IF is no universal moral code .. THEN that's OK.  BUT Scripture says:
(1) there IS a universal moral code  
(2) we are obligated to it
(3) to defy it is detrimental .... to individual, to nation
Question:  What should "the righteous" (Christians, believers) do when the nation rushes to sin? 
Answer:  live righteously!  Examples:  Daniel, Paul

II)  ....Concerning discipleship, ministry, services    
Look at Jesus' words to this - Matt. 16:24-25
Point = following Christ NOT for weak willed people!  - is for people who are willing to commit!
NOW... God's word to Jeremiah ... Jer. 12:5 - I will give you everything you need, not everything you want.

III)  ...Concerning motivation to serve - Jer. 20:7-9
Can't always feel motivated
Can give attention to 'lack of feelings' - 2 Tim. 1:6-7
Question:  How to fan into flame?
Answer:  Pay attention to the fire!!! 

IV)  ....Concerning Judgment - Chapters 46 - 51
Point = the wicked will be used by God
But ... they will still answer for their wickedness!!  Example:  Babylon.  They attacked Israel and took the people into exile for all the wrong reasons.
Jer. 50:1-3, 18, 31, 51:24, 56 - the Lord will repay in full.

New Testament parallel - 2 Tim. 2:20-21 - Example:  you can be used as a flower pot or a chamber pot, but God will use you.

V) ...Concerning grief, sorrow - "Laments" = funeral songs
On one hand, is OK to grieve, cry ("Jesus wept" at Lazarus' grave)
However, remember .. the God that allows grief today is the God who brought joy yesterday and  tomorrow!!

Example:  The Lament - Lam. 3:1-9
The conclusion = Lam. 3:19-24

In Jeremiah we see....
I)  God is a loving God  (He weeps over His people)
II)  God is a righteous God (He judges sin ... rightly!)
III)  God is the Omnipotent God  (He can bring about BOTH ... judgment and mercy!)  Perfect judgment and perfect mercy at the same time.

Therefore:  He is WORTHY of worship!!! 

Closing scripture:  Lam. 3:25-26, 31-32

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