Monday, May 10, 2021

Buffaloes and Butterflies

 Disclaimer:  this covers typical marital situations.  Not necessarily extreme situations.

I.  Why Your hubby is such a clod.

(1)  He's human - Rom. 3:23 - therefore seriously flawed

(2) He's a male human - Gen. 1:27 therefore every cell in his body is different.  Including BRAIN CELLS!!! 
Note:  This is by God's Design!!

(3)  He's ignorant - does NOT mean stupid!!!
It means untrained, unlearned, uneducated in (A) the opposite sex (differences)
                                                                    (B)  marriage   Example:  requirements for license? 

(4)  He's forgetful - acting in a manner that pleases a butterfly .... on one hand CAN be learned,
                                         However, will never come naturally!!

(5)  He's confused - because butterfly language, logic, thinking, feeling .... just doesn't make sense to him!!

 II.  Why your wife is such a nag   Prov. 27:15-16, 21:19

(1)  She's human - Rom. 3:23 - therefore seriously flawed   Rom. 3:23 is NOT gender specific

(2)  She's a female human - Gen. 1:27
Gen. 22:21-23 - Adam knew this was different BUT knew it was for him!!
Every cell is different - including BRAIN CELLS!!  God designed us to be different and still fit!

(3)  She's ignorant - though more apt to research and learn.  Nevertheless, where is this taught from a Biblical perspective?

(4)  She's forgetful - because living daily in Buffalo mode will NEVER come natural to her!!

(5)  She's confused - Buffalo language, logic, thinking just doesn't make sense to her!


(6)  Both - hurt - let downs, disappointments, things said and done in anger, slights, accusations, etc.

On one hand, we can heal from wounds, BUT (1) they tend to accumulate and (2) especially in the absence of apology and forgiveness!

NOTE:  The differences are not going away.  God wired them in to us.
The differences are not teh problem!!!!  (they existed in Eden!!)

The Problem = dealing with differences in a Sinful Manner!!!!

III.  Is there any hope? 

Hope is found in:

(1)  Salvation - conversion - new heart, new perspective - 2 Cor. 5:17

(2)  God's Word(s) - wisdom, truth, correction, instruction

(3)  Additional education - (1) about yourself first, then (2) about spouse

(4)  "establishing good will" 

(5)  Consistent effort - and .. it's worth the effort .. for you, and yours!!

 Touchstone verse for the series:   Prov. 14:1

 Closing Scripture:  Psm. 25:4-5

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