Monday, March 1, 2021

Jeremiah's Primary Message (continued)

Timeline review:  (see last week's post)

Jeremiah's Primary message - expanded from last week:

1)  You've been unfaithful - (expressed in idolatry, spiritual adultery)  message to a people group

2)  You must return (not just in pretense) - TO Yahweh and His law(s)
                                                           with heart as well as hands - 

3)  IF will go into exile .Jeremiah preaching to Judah
As Israel and Assyria ... So Judah and Babylon

Sometime in Jeremiah's ministry ... add.....
4)  it's too late to turn - NOT too late to repent, turn to God, be forgiven ..., BUT too late to avoid the punishment of the exile!

Text - God's Divorce - Jer. 3:6-14, Jer. 4:1-2, 4-9 - the warning
Josiah was the last good king, and he was a very, very good king.  But, people didn't repent.  Just made a pretense of worshiping Yahweh.

Are 2 recurring themes in Jeremiah:

#1.  Punishment  (judgment on the nation) 

#2.  Restoration - this is not God in a vengeful rage, this = God disciplining His people ... for good!!   zjrt. 29:10-14  Jeremiah = prophet of doom and a prophet of hope.

Question Any parallel to us (as a nation)?  ie:  USA today?
On one hand, we are not God's chosen people  (as was Israel)
However, Biblical promises have eternal significance and can often be generally applied!!!



JEREMIAH'S DAY (and nation)                              OUR DAY (and nation)

Idolatry                                                                    secularism - not a denial of God but granting Him no                                                                                        special place, recognition (intentional failure to recognize)

Child sacrifice to secure 'god's favor'                         abortion - for convenience

Sabbath commerce                                                   Sabbath indifference (neglect)  ie:  to God's day

rampant immorality                                                    rising immorality across the nation

little concern for the poor                                           some concern for the poor

no Godly leaders (after Josiah)                                   some Godly leaders

generations of spiritual decline                                    beginnings of spiritual decline
Ex;  IS = 200 yrs  Judah = 350 yrs.

A few believers (Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach,           many believers
Abednigo, Ezekiel, etc.)

So.... on one hand, we are not now where they were (then).  However, it would be foolish to disregard the parallels!!

A suggestion ... (my thought... )

There is a larger group of undecided and uncommitted people than there are believers/followers, or non-believers/hostile to the faith!

Therefore, where should we focus?  John 4:35 - talking about souls.  has that changed? 

That's national application .. what about personal application?

#1.  A nation is only as faithful as its people.   

#2.  You will not be judged by what America does but by what you do.  

#3.  Self-judgment reduces the need for God's judgment.  1 Cor. 11;31

Closing Scripture:  Psm. 67:1-4


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