Monday, March 15, 2021

Back to the Potter's House

Jer. 18:1-6

2 things are clear: 
#1)  God Spoke to Jeremiah - ie:   "word of the Lord came to Jeremiah saying,",  "this is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord", "the Lord said to me.....", etc. - was common to all the prophets

Question:  How did God speak to him??   audible?  inner voice and impression? dreams and visions?  - ALL 
Answer:  don't know (nothing is stated absolutely)  ..BUT ... is confirmation by fulfilled prophecy!  (one of the tests of a prophet)

#2)  God spoke to the people THROUGH Jeremiah
example:  Jer. 2:1-3 - who's speaking?  Jeremiah or the LORD?  Both!!
God is delivering His message THROUGH audible voice of Jeremiah!! 
This = common to the Prophets!  hence;  2 Chron. 36:15 - (through His messengers)

Question:  Does God still speak to His people?  today?  IF so ... How?  in what way??

(Note:  I feel unqualified and inadequate in addressing this  (how God speaks to you?)
However, it should be addressed AND I'll try to present a Biblical view!!!

First we'll look at the WASM  (how God spoke then)
Then we'll look at the ISM  (how God speaks NOW)

The WASM - how God spoke then.

(1)  God spoke TO the people THROUGH Jeremiah  (we've established that)

(2)  Though they didn't hear the VOICE of God, they did hear the MESSAGE of God.  (is an important distinction) - Jer. 7:1-2, 12-13
On one hand, God was not speaking to them in an audible voice.  However, He was communicating His message TO them!!!  (through the prophets) 

(3)  The people didn't have to hear a VOICE to hear the MESSAGE!  Jer. 36:1-3
The written word carried the same weight as the prophet's voice!

(4)  The MINISTRY of the Holy Spirit was the same THEN as it is NOW!    ie:  to convict, convince, comfort, correct, challenge, chastise, encourage, enable, explain, clarify...

Question:  could God have spoken audibly to each person in Israel in Jeremiah's day???  Yes.

Question:  then why didn't He??  Don't know!  But... in His wisdom and purpose He chose NOT to!!

THE ISM - Does God speak to His people today?  (you and me?)

Answer: - #1).  Yes - example:  John 10:27 - traditional view = call to salvation

#2)  Yes ... AND (possibly) in a greater way (today) - Heb. 1:1-2 - through Jesus Christ and the written Word (carries the same authority as the spoken Word)
example:  Peter - "we have the word of prophets made more sure!!

#3)  Yes ... AND  now we have the indwelling Holy Spirit!  1 Cor. 2:9-10

YES!!! He Still Speaks!!!  BUT.... does that mean 2 way conversations about daily concerns?  ie;  marriage, money, kids, weather, crops and herds, job, career, school, etc.

#1)  He speaks Primarily through His Word in Conjuction with His Holy Spirit.

#2.  IN SCRIPTURE .. conversations that are personal, audible, specific are (almost) always about CALLING, MINISTRY, KINGDOM WORK....
ie:  don't find Jeremiah saying "looks like a good crop this year" and God responding "expect market prices to be good, too..."


Am NOT saying you shouldn't pry about these things.
Am NOT saying God doesn't CARE about these things
Am NOT saying He won't respond (converse) about these things

Just saying .. THAT'S NOT the NORM!!  IN Biblical record!  In the (average) Christian experience!

So you shouldn't feel left out, like a 2nd. class Christian if you dont' experience this! 
AND you shouldn't feel that God is not Speaking to you!!
Have you ever felt (sensed...) God's love? concern? comfort? encouragement? conviction? challenge? chastisement? Ever been informed? enlightened? advised? impressed? inspired? touched? moved? drawn? wooed? experienced enlightenment, clarification, confirmation?

POINT = IF YES THEN He has communicated His message to you Regardless if you've "heard His voice" -
2 Pet. 1:3

The Primary means of communicating will be THROUGH His word ... in Conjunction with the Holy Spirit.

The Primary MESSAGE will be .... Accept Christ
                                                      Follow Christ
                                                      Serve Christ - ... regardless of whether or not you ever "hear His voice".

The term "dark night of the soul" came out of this not hearing the voice of God.   Examples:  Job, Mother Teresa

Closing Scripture:  Rev. 3:20

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