Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Jeremiah's Message

I.  This is a message to God's people (not pagans)
So...are parallels to Christians today?  relevance to Christians today?  Us, as individuals.  Us as a nation.

II.  The primary sin of Israel was Unfaithfulness!  (toward God, made manifest in Idolatry)
The text indicates Idolatry!!!  But - underlying idolatry = unfaithfulness!  Which = biblically portrayed as Spiritual Adultery!
God and Israel had entered into a Covenant (agreement) which = (1)  a solemn agreement (contract)
                                                                                                   (2)  an exclusive relationship
"I'll be your God;  you'll be my people".  Was a very serious thing they had entered into. 
To violate this covenant = infidelity/unfaithfulness, spiritual adultery 
Example:  compare to the marriage covenant

POINT = THE SIN (1st and foremost) = Unfaithfulness.. which led to idolatry  (manifest self as idolatry, the visible evidence of unfaithfulness.)

III.  The Primary message of Jeremiah was "Return to Me" -
Example:  1st. word = "no other gods before me"
               2nd. word = "no graven images"
"return to ME and ME ONLY!"  (I'll accept, receive)  example:  the Prodigal Son

Text:  Jer. 2:1-3-5 - LORD = God apart from all other gods

Question: Since idolatry is NOT a problem today, (in SE Oklahoma) and since the text refers to Israel ... then, what is the relevance??  Application to us today?  

#1.  You needn't have idolatry to have unfaithfulness (when you fail to love Him as you should)
Compare church at Ephesus - Rev. 2:2-5 - On one hand this is not spiritual adultery, however, = slipping, drifting away - Heb. 2:1

#2.  On one hand, God loves His people unconditionally, however, their Behavior Matters!
Affects your life, the people around you, the future state.  The way you acts makes a big difference.
How did the early church change the world????  (1)  their doctrine, (2)  their behavior  

#3.  This is not God turning His back on His people.... This is God being faithful!!!  to Himself!  His word!  His laws, His purpose, His righteousness  And to His people!!!  Prov. 3:11-12  (expanded in Heb. 12)  God is not into raising brats, spoiled kids

#4.  Seeking freedom from God's laws (restrictions, restraints) does not result in freedom.  Example:  Adam and Eve.
On one hand, you are given the right to choose
However, NOT with impunity!!  ie.  exemption frm punishment or consequence 
God's boundaries are for our good!! 

#5.  Refusal to admit to sin is the height of self-deception.  refusal to admit doesn't make you free from it.
Jer. 2:35, 1 John 1:8.  So.... 2 Cor. 13:5 = (1) saved?  or (2)  walking in the faith?

#6.  Scripture, the prophets, (Jeremiah) .. call for more than "consider your ways".  It's a call to consider your ways in the light of God's Word.  - Jer. 2:4-5  "... what the Lord says"

#7.  God is long suffering.  If you will return .. He will accept you;  receive you back. 
Example:  Prodigal Son
This = true of our nation
This = true of the individual people of our nation.
This = true of me and you!

Closing:  Prov. 14:12

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