Sunday, March 7, 2021

Message of the Potter's House

 Jeremiah's Timeline:

Josiah    Jeremiah's Call    1st. Deportation   2nd Deportation   3rd. Deportation        Jeremiah dies in Egypt

640 BC    627 BC               603 BC                 597 BC                 586 BC
                     |    24 years         |      6 yrs.              |    11 years            |
                                           Dan. Deprtd      Ezek. depted.             city destroyed, temple destroyed, etc.

Question:  Where do the messages of Jeremiah fit in?
Answer:  some are identifiable - examples:  Jer. 21:1, 26:1, 27:1

However, some are not identifiable!  Example:  today's text

The book of Jeremiah is not in chronological order.  Can't know for sure where messages fit.

BUT -- this message doesn't need an exact time to find the meaning and application!
Nor do we need exact time to find lessons of application to us today!
Jer. 18:1-12 - message came to Jeremiah from the Lord for his people

So... lessons we find in this text that can be found in multiple Bible texts!!

I)  God is Sovereign - He is ALL Mighty.  Over nations, over individuals
Hab. 1:1-6 - prophesying to same people about the same time.
Daniel 4:28-32 - went in 1st. exile - Daniel interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's dream 

II)  God is Patient  (long-suffering) - with nations, with individuals
Israel had 209 years to turn back to Him, Judah had an additional 136 years.
2 Pet. 3:9

III)  (But....) God is NOT a permissive Grandfather - unconditional love does not mean all behavior is acceptable!

There came  a point where He said "these people WILL go into Exile - don't pray for them"!!
Question:  what about the faithful in the city?
Answer:  (1)  "sins of the fathers" = your sins affect other people!
              (2)  there is sometimes opportunity to avoid the trauma of others' punishment - Jer. 21:8-10

IV)  God gives many warnings
Covenant promises, written word, prophets' messages - 2 Chron. 36:15-17
Plus the convicting work of the Holy Spirit!  (none will stand @ judgment and say they didn't have adequate opportunity!!)

V)  God will (eventually, in His time) ACT on those warnings.  (they are not idle threats!!)
may be active judgment
may be withdrawn Presence  
Either way = punishment and discipline!!
May be letting you have your way!!!   - Rom. 1:28

VI)  God sometimes repents (relents)
Definition:  "Repent" here does not mean sorry for or turn from sin!   Rather = a change of course or action!
Jer. 18:7-10 = grue of Nation, Individual - example:  Jonah and Nineveh
"God is patient, not wanting anyone to perish!!"

VII)  God still speaks - God spoke to Jeremiah, spoke to the people through Jeremiah
As He spoke, warned, called then, SO He speaks, warns, calls NOW!

As some heard, some ignored, some rejected then, so, some hear, some ignore, some reject NOW!!

As individuals had a choice THEN, SO we (you) have a choice NOW!!

Closing Scripture:  Psm. 95:6-8

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