Monday, April 23, 2018

2nd. Peter - Reminding

2 Pet. 1 - last week = "make every effort to ADD to your faith"
IF you do (these things), THEN you'll be:
     1)  effective and productive  (in your Christian faith)
     2)  confident and sure  (of your election, calling, salvation)
     3)  stable and solid (in your Christian walk) - not wishy-washy
     4)  received and welcomed (into the Kingdom)

This being true....  2 Pet. 1:12-15

Reminding = big part of Peter's calling (ministry) - Luke 22:31-32 - Jesus gave Satan permission
                                                                        John 21:15-17 - "feed my sheep" - (constantly reminding people)

Is a Jewish Proverb - "if a thing is worth saying it is worth repeating a thousand times."

Question:  What qualifies Peter to instruct, remind, correct, confront?
Answer:  1 Pet.1:16-18 - he was an eye witness - compare 1John 1:1-3

His chosen example? - Mount of Transfiguration - Matt. 17:1-8 with Matt. 16:28

Jesus did many signs and wonders. 
a wonder "wows"
a sign "points
Examples:  water into wine, feeding the 5000, soldiers at the cross - Matt. 27:54 - they saw the sign.
To some these were "wow" moments, to the disciples they were signs pointing to Jesus as the Messiah, Son of God

In addition:
2 Pet. 1:19-21 - "ABOVE ALL" - Know this.........  Pay attention to it because is in God's Word

Scripture has its origin in God.  2 Tim. 3:16

Which leads to point of Peter's 2nd. letter - 2 Pet. 2:1 (primary reason he wrote this letter)

ie:  (1)  in addition to the Prophets .... there were false prophets
    (2)  as it was with them ... si it will be with you!!

False prophets = (1) very destructive - "destructive heresies"
                        (2) very subtle - "secretly introduce"
(subtle from Latin - "woven in" therefore blended, not obvious)

Some Simple Life Lessons Here. 

#1.  Truth Matters - for ordering life, procuring eternal life, directing others in life.
(Peter will die for this truth!!)

#2.  Doctrine Matters   - hence letter about false prophets!!   2 Tim. 3:16-17
example:  average home buyer .... concerned about every aspect of the home looking at but not concerned with the foundation -- Until???

#3.  If a thing is worth saying it's worth repeating a thousand times! 
true for prophets, Apostles, preachers (example:  Bridge illustration), true for SS teachers, youth workers, AWANA helpers.  Example:  Bible Time verse - said every time = Phil. 3:10
true for Parents!!

#4.   You won't always be here to repeat it!  - Do It NOW!!!!

Closing Scripture:    Heb. 13:20-21

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