Monday, April 30, 2018

2nd. Peter - False Teachers

1 Pet. 1:20-21 - prophecy had origin in God.
1 Pet. 2:1-22 - primary focus of this letter .  True for us today as well.
Vs. 2 - slander the gospel.
Vs. 3-9 - God knows how to reserve the Godly forever.

Harsh words!!!  But -- Peter is not alone in this!!
Paul - Gal. 1:6-9
Jude - Jude 3-4
John - 2 John 7, 10-11
Jesus - Matt. 7:15

Way so harsh?  These guys are:
(1)  Passionate for THE Gospel - they live for it, they'll die for it.

(2)  Protective of God's people, the church - are "shepherds".
Our God is a jealous God.  These people are jealous for their flock as well.
Acts 20:28-31
1 Pet. 5:1-2
3 John 4

These 'teachers' are more than wrong!!  They are arrogant, rebellious, self-serving
These teachings are more than wrong!!  They are subversive, destructive to the church, the people of God, the Kingdom of God.

What are they teaching?
On one hand it varies  a lot!  However, it usually CENTERS on the Person and work of Christ!

False views (heresies) of Jesus:

He was a prophet, a good man but no more.

He was A son of God, the offspring of God - J.W., Arius, Mormons
Divine BUT not the Same as God  (Marcion - says there are 2 Gods - one of the OT and one of the NT)

Not human (only appeared to be), therefore no "birth", no "death"
Didn't (really) die, didn't rise, OR didn't Rise physically (only a spiritual resurrection)

Wasn't sinless

Wasn't a substitute sacrifice (for our sins) or wasn't sufficient (Judaizers - Book of Galatians)

He's not necessary to be saved - (Pelageus)
He's not necessary to know God - (Gnostics)

The He was a good man, teacher, example, inspiration, a good way....
nevertheless, not "The Only Way".
Often very subtle - example:  Question put to Joel Olsteen by Larry King regarding "sin".  Answer was "we don't focus on that".

So, was Jesus the substitute sacrifice?  necessary?  the only way?

What should we do?    (with and about false teachers)
On one hand, Peter doesn't tell us much about our response!
However, by comparing other passages, texts, and by common sense implication:

#1.  Watch out/pay attention/be on guard
These people rise within Christianity and appear Christian!!  So... 2 Tim. 4:3-5

#2.  Know the Word - Question:   how many of the "views, heresies" can you spot, refute with simple knowledge of the New Testament???  - all of them????

The Apostles promoted (1) Christian Faith = confidence and trust in Jesus
  AND  (2)  Christian Beliefs = knowledge about Jesus
Most Christian people have friends and family in churches with false teachers and false teaching.

On one hand, we can't measure the heart, motive, faith
However, we CAN measure beliefs!!!

#3.  Example the fruit(s)  - Matt. 7:15-16
example:  false teachers tend to "draw after".  True teachers tend to "point to".  Example:  = John the Baptist

#4. Reject the teaching

#5.  Reject the teacher  - 2 John 10-11  - does not mean be nasty, mean, rude
does = "don't tolerate" - Rev. 2:14-16, 20

#6.  Make disciples - Matt. 28:18-20

NOTE:  2 Pet. 3:1 - 'read what I'm saying and think about it!'

Closing Scripture:  Col. 2:6-10

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