Tuesday, April 17, 2018

1st. Peter - End, 2nd. Peter - Begin

Book written by Peter - leading apostle in the new church.

1 Pet. 5:12-14 - "she in Babylon" = the church in Rome
Babylon exiled God's people (the Jews) 600 years earlier.
Now Rome oppressing God's people (the church)

So, Peter has written letter to:
(1) testify :  this is true, correct, reliable
2)  encourage:  Christians to "stand fast" in these truths, in God's grace.  Don't be moved out of the faith.

NOW - 2nd. letter (2 to 4 years later) to same people??  2 Pet. 3:1

Occasion?  (why write?)
(1)  false teachers inside the church  2 Pet. 3:1

(2)  pastoral reminder:  problem is not forgetting the facts, problem is getting distracted!
2 Pet. 1:12, 3:1

(3)  Peter's departure - 2 Pet. 1:13-15 - fixing to die for the faith

So..... 2 Pet. 1:1-11

Breakdown:  God has given us all we need to:
1)  live a life of godliness
2) participate in the divine nature
3) escape the corruption in the world
Define:  to what extent?  degree?

Simple Summary:  
"You have all you need to do better than you're doing!"
ie:  you have a tool box and all the necessary tools!!

Primary Tool:  2 Pet. 1:3 = "knowledge of Him" - basic, fundamental

"Knowledge" = Big issue in 2nd. Peter  (11 direct references
Specifically = "knowledge of Him"

"Knowledge of Him" comes from at least 3 sources:
#1.  Accumulation of facts (head knowledge) - exposure, scrutiny, review, interpretation, etc.

w/#2.  insights from God - 1 Cor. 2:9-10

and #3 experiences with God
Example:  Peter's confession:  Matt. 16:13-17 - Father revealed this to him

Knowledge is not only tool in the Christian tool box
BUT = a primary tool  (fundamental, basic, necessary)

NOW  Simplify and Apply:

Peter - on the Tool Box you need to live the Christian Life.  

#1.  You have one  - 2nd. Pet. 1:3  ie:  IF you are a Christian!!  If not, one awaits you!!
#2.  You should make use of it  (employ it)
God will do His part  (supply the tools), You must do your part (use the tools) - God will not grow you!!
Phil. 2:12-13
#3.  You should add to it (develop it) - Note:  the additions - 2 Pet. 1:5-7 - our part
Vs. 5 - "make every effort"  Vs. 10 - "be all the more eager"

to what end??
#1  You'll be effective and productive (in your Christian life) - vs. 8
#2.  You'll be confident and sure - (of your election, calling)
#3.  you'll be stable and solid - "never fall"
#4.  You'll be received and welcomed   (into the Kingdom)

Last observation - New Formula

IF  ___A___  THEN  ___B_____   therefore ___A___!!!

(if you do this then you will get this, therefore do this!!)

Closing Scripture:  1 John 2:28

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