Monday, April 9, 2018

1st. Peter - Final Words

Last time - 1 Pet. 5:2 - "to the elders ..... be shepherds" - not limited to elders, but all Christians.

NOW:  final words and instructions - 1 Pet. 5:5-11

Peter's List = "be submissive, clothe yourself w/humility, cast your cares on Christ, be sober & alert, resist Satan"

in Noun form ---- the issue of:  submission
                                               worry (anxiety)
Peter addresses 3 main things in his letter(s) - submission, service, and suffering.

Peter's view on these issues:  

#1.  Submission - 1 Pet. 5:5a
As the elders submit to position, role, task, calling, SO you willingly are to take your proper place, position in the church that God has given you.

Peter calls for (1) Submission and (2) Respect  - Ex. 20:12   ( example:  elder respect)
how we behave toward one another, how Christians should behave toward one another

#2.  Humility - 1 Pet. 5:5b
(A)  definition = proper assessment of self - Rom. 12:3
(B)  Self clothing = assuming attitude, acting the part
(C)  "toward one another" = manners again!!!  Rom. 12:16, Eph. 4:2

Further reason? - 1 Pet. 5:5b
Proud man - doesn't accept instruction, correction, assistance = God opposes
Humble man - "I need all help I can get!"- God gives grace

#3  Worry/Anxiety - 1 Pet. 5:7
"cast" implies choice and action - generally means things we have no control over.
balance?  depend on, trust in, but don't be inactive - Matt. 6:25-26

That which we can do something about, we need to try and address. 
Is easier said than done, nevertheless - Phil. 4:6-7 - this is what we are called to do.

#4  Vigilance - 1 Pet. 5:8 = be self=controlled and alert, be watchful and sober - straight, clear thinking.
Because your enemy seeks to destroy!!! - We're not all physical, are also metaphysical.
Luke 22:31-33

#5  Resistance - 1 Pet. 5:9 - Resist him.
    (A)  Stand firm  - Eph. 6:11, 13-14. 1Cor. 16:13 - Satan doesn't have the power to push you, just draw you.
    (B) in the faith
   (C)  remembering your brothers - 1 Cor. 10:13
Point = others have been tested ..... others stood!!!  Your temptation is not different from others. 

1 Pet. 5:10
After you've suffered  (life trials, faith trials, HE will restore.

Other translations = establish, complete, perfect, develop
The point is NOT put you back where you were, but put you BEYOND where you were!!!

Illustration:  the smithy

God = the Smithy, we = the steel - 1 Pet. 5:11

Closing scripture:  1 Pet. 5:12

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