Monday, October 23, 2017

Up Front Leadership

Series = Rethinking Leadership
Focus = Spiritual (Biblical/Christian) Leadership
Touchstone verse = Matt. 5:13-16
We are called to be salt and light, to make an Eternal difference
We are called to lead people to Christ and the Kingdom

5 Styles of Leadership
1)  Upfront  (common definition, and most recognized)
2)  Stealth  (inconspicuous, not apparent, leading from behind)
3)  Servant  (influence through service)
4)  Shepherd (influence through nurture)
5)  Team ( "better together")

(1)  You will have a primary leadership style (preference), BUT
(2)  You'll lead with a combination of styles - example:  family.  Sometimes style is determined by the situation.
And, IF you are serious about M.A.D, (making a difference), then
(3) you'll employ all 5 styles (models)

The Perfect measure of Leadership = Jesus - So, we'll examine His leadership.
But will look at other Biblical and extra-Biblical characters as well.

 I.    Upfront Leadership - upfront, visible, calls the shots, leads people

1) is a spiritual gift - Rom. 12:8
2) able to rally followers:  gather, inspire, motivate
Biblical examples:  Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Peter, Paul

 Divide this Leadership style into 2 groups - The Haves and the Have nots

I.  Haves = people with this gift/ability...  Ought to

1) Recognize and Admit the gift.  (is a valuable GIFT with great Potential.  Example:  John the Baptist
2)  Step up and employ the gift - 1 Cor. 12:7  BUT!!! according to scriptural methods (not world's view)
3)   Develop the gift.  How to know if you have it?  Trial/error/look behind!  If no one is following, probably don't have it!

II.  Have Nots ... (without the gift)  ought to:

1)  Recognize and Admit that it's not a natural gift.   (not easy for some ppl!)  Following Christ means being brutally honest with yourself sometimes.
2)  Step up and practice upfront leadership when necessary!   ie:  perhaps during a wreck, parenting, vocation, position (teacher/Sunday School teacher), & God's calling - example:  Gideon - Judges 6:14-16
3)  Step back, step down when it's not necessary
BUT, because sometimes it is necessary,
4) develop your ability - example:  Queen Esther - Esther 4:14

Notes & Observations:

A.)  A Biblical leader must also be an able follower.  If not a follower of Christ, then have no business as a leader for Christ!

B)  Biblical leadership must be greatly tempered with humility.  Example:  John the Baptist - "who are you?"  Knew exactly who he was and who he was not.
If not willing to serve, then not fit to lead in God's Kingdom!

C)  Biblical leadership is not about me as a leader ... but about Christ and the Kingdom.  John The Baptist -John 1:35-37, John 3: 25-26, 30
If cannot graciously step down, then have no business stepping up!!!

Want to M.A.D. - make a difference?  for Christ? 

Are U willing to Step up? 
                       Step down?

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