Monday, November 6, 2017

Servant Leadership

Series = Re-Thinking Leadership

Matt.  5:13-16 - called to be salt and light.  Salt is only good for saltiness.  Otherwise has no use.

As Christians - are called to Make An Eternal Difference.

5 Styles of Leadership (common to Scripture)

1)  Upfront
2)  Stealth (pastor's word)
3)  Servant
4)  Shepherd
5)  Team

"Upfront" = most commonly recognized leadership style.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP = the most commonly promoted style in Scripture.
(Influencing people and making a difference through acts of service)

Matt. 20:20-21, 24-28
Matt. 23:1-12

What does "servant leadership" look like?

"Servant Leader" - Serves the people, BUT  works for God.  Not at people's beck and call.

So - "My Servant" - Moses, Abraham, Job, David, Prophets, Apostles, etc.

Perfect example:  Jesus!!!  John 2:23-25 - served according to directions from God.
Example:  feeding the 5000.   one day & denying their request next day!

"Servant Leader" = one willing to assume Both.. the duties of a servant, AND the responsibilities of a leader.

"Servant Leader" = one with enough confidence (in self and position)
to ... step up (to responsibility of leadership)
or ... step down (to the duties of servant) ie:  foot washing

Perfect example:  Jesus - John 13:1-5, 12-16
So, after the resurrection --> Phil. 2:5-8 - He knew who He was and what His Father wanted Him to do.  Therefore, had not trouble taking a position of servant.

Question:  Why should I assume the role/position of "Servant Leadership"?
Answer:  for the same reason(s) that Jesus did!

#1.  To meet human needs ... of man, created in God's image!! - God died for mankind.  Humans are valuable!!

#2.  To model Biblical truths (example:  foot washing)  Because some lessons are too important to be conveyed with mere words!!!  They need to be lived, acted out, shown.

#3.  To elevate young believers - Rom. 15:1-2  Why pour yourself into disciples for 3 years??
Answer = Matt. 4:19

#4.  To Glorify God - Matt. 5:16  (to portray, reveal)  (to make Him known!!

"Servant leadership" = both a calling and a choice.
Obviously, we're called to serve.
However, we must choose to accept the role.

So - Phil. 2:5

Closing:  John 13:17

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