Sunday, October 8, 2017

5 Styles of Biblical Leadership

Matt. 5:13-16 - believers = salt of the earth

Christians called to M.A.D (make a difference)/M.A.E.D (make an Eternal Difference)
Therefore:  Leadership  is important (should be considered, explored, examined)

BUT - As Christians, we're called to a Biblical style of leadership - (which often differs from the world's view/definition)

Examples:  1)  the Christian's goal concerning leadership should not be a recognized position.  Matt. 20 - James and John were seeking a visible position.  
Jesus' answer - Matt. 20:25-28 - servants 

In Biblical leadership:  
2)  The Christian's goal should be changed lives and an eternal difference.
Matt. 4:19 - process/ goal/ sequence
        a)  win souls
        b)  build disciples
        c)  develop leaders ... WHO WILL ... win souls, build disciples, develop leaders, etc., etc.
Quote from John Maxwell - Leadership Bible Intro: - "A legacy that does not include people has no eternal value"

3)  The measure of great leadership is not the number of followers but the impact on lives.

World says:  "great leader?"  many followers!"
Bible view - "great leader?  BIG DIFFERENCE!!
Illustration:  Facebook, Twitter ..... "how many friends?  followers?  vs. How much DIFFERENCE?

Not only will goals differ,  styles often differ also.

So.... 5 Styles of Biblical Leadership 

#1.  Upfront Leadership  (most familiar/most recognized)
Example:  Moses - upfront, visible ... authoritative, calls the shots, leads people
On one hand this = legitimate and powerful Leadership Style
On the other hand, this is NOT most people!!!  most are not called to OR gifted for this style.

 #2.  Stealth Leadership - leading from behind.  Being a major influence without an obvious position.
Example:  Abigail (1 Sam. 25) 
steered David, became wife, influenced kingdom 

#3.  Servant Leadership - M.A.D. through Service (meeting needs)
Example:  Joseph - Potiphar --> Prison --> Pharoah?  MAD for Israel?
Note:  Jesus' teaching - Matt. 23:11-12
          Jesus' example (footwashing) - John 13:14-15, Phil. 2:5-7 

#4.  Pastoral Leadership - influence though nurture and caring
How often "sheep/shepherd" refer to people/leader in Scripture
Jer. 3:14-15   Matt. 2:6   1 Pet. 5:1-4
Example:  Mother Teresa at the Prayer Breakfast - overshadowing the President!!!

#5.  Team Leadership 
 Example:  Jesus - chose 12 disciples, but never designated 1 to take over leadership when He left them and went to heaven.  Why?  They were a leader team.  "we're better together"
"Body of Christ" - 1 Cor. 12:12, 27 - everyone is part of the body of Christ if are a Christian.

Called to - serve together, pastor together, influence together , lead together, M.A.D. together.

Example:  if you are called to OBC, we need you! and you need us!

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