Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Re-thinking Leadership

Matt. 5:13-16 - Biblical, Christian leadership. 
Principles will bleed over into secular, but that's not always the reverse.   These apply not only in church setting, but throughout the week in any setting.

Question:  Wanna be a leader?
Answer:  (of many) - NO .... but do want to M.A.D.  (make a difference)
If you are a Christian, answer should be - wanna M.A.E.D.  (make an eternal difference)

Response to that:  IF you want to make an eternal difference, THEN you must influence PEOPLE!  - people are the only thing that are eternal.
This = guide, direct, point the way, lead the way....    which = leadership.

When we say "leader", often think - out front, visible, vocal, bold, take charge, call the shots.
However, that is NOT the only style of leadership.

Look at leadership by:

#1.  Numbers -  example:  small child lost in forest.  You find.  = small group, but BIG Difference.  Life changing.  Leadership not determined by the numbers led but by the impact

#2.  Profile - (visibility, recognition)
There is:  (a) up front leadership
also        (b) leading from behind - "stealth" - example:  on large ship - steering wheel or rudder

#3.  Ability
On one hand, is a "gift" - Rom. 12:8 - which = few!!!
However, Potential = unrealized, undeveloped, unrecognized ABILITY!!  - can be much greater than the gift.
It is not necessary to have the ability, IF have the potential.  As a Christian, have the Holy Spirit to enable and use that potential!

#4.  Opportunity - in... church?  home?  job?  community?  .....
(for the Christian) with opportunity comes responsibility - which makes leadership a stewardship issue!!!

The Primary element in Christian leadership (if you could choose only 1 component, ingredient, feature...)
That 1 would be .......... Service or SERVANTHOOD - sets us apart from secular leadership
Matt. 20:20-28 - upside down kingdom.  Can't be a leader in the Kingdom of God without being a servant.

Later - an additional look at that ... John 21:15-17 - feed my sheep

Who do we Serve? - and/or why do we lead?  (many good answers.  Here are a few:_
1)  love for Christ - take a leadership roll
2)  Obedience to the call
3)  response to the need

How do we Serve? and/or How do we lead?   (many good answers.  Here = As a shepherd .  Example:  Jesus "sheep without a shepherd"
1 Pet. 5:1-4 - the most fundamental aspect of leadership = servanthood 

This is called Leadership:  from a Biblical View

IF you've accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, THEN you have the:
 a) Potential for leadership
b) Opportunity for leadership
c) Responsibility for leadership

Leadership is a stewardship issue - we will answer for what we do or don't do with what we have been given!

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