Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Lord's Supper

I. What We Believe.
The bread and whine are symbolic pictures of:
. His body broken and His blood shed
My willingness to accept His sacrifice. To believe Jesus really lived, is really God's Son, really had to go to the cross, and that was really necessary - that God is a just God.
C. My willingness to participate in His sacrifice. John 6:47-56 - Not just believing in it, but realizing that He did it for me, personally.

II. How We Celebrate (at OBC)
We gather, worship, partake of bread and wine/juice, fellowship (potluck meal)

III. Why we do it.
1. to remember His sacrifice
2. to demonstrate belief in His sacrifice to bring you to God. 1 Pet. 3:18
3. to declare involvement in His sacrifice, ie: my personal Savior
4. to celebrate our common bond - as saints/sinners
- as brothers/sisters in Christ
5. to renew our vows and commitments to Him
6. to anticipate His return

IV. Who should participate?
On one hand, this is "the Lord's supper". Therefore, any who are His are welcome.
However, 1 Cor. 11:27-29 - examine self, make preparation to partake in a worthy manner. This does not mean you are worthy. You aren't worthy. If were, wouldn't need a Savior.

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