Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Truth of the Resurrection - Jesus Is Lord

The simple, basic truth of the Resurrection is: Jesus Is Lord

The resurrection accomplished much..... but it said clearly that Jesus is Lord!

The early church had many theological issues to address!!! Questions to answer. BUT of this they were certain...... Jesus is Lord!

The earliest statement of faith by the Christian community was Jesus Is Lord!

Note: This conclusion was not based on the resurrection alone. (miracles, teaching, charisma, character)
BUT, the Resurrection galvanized their belief. Rom. 1:4

So, today - the central truth that binds Christian worldwide is that Jesus is Lord!!
On one hand, there are many differences - denominations, worship style, Bible interpretation and application, etc.
But, all agree....... Jesus is Lord! And this makes us all brothers and sister in Christ in the end!!

Each individual must decide for himself (if the statement is true...)
The evidence is: A objective/external, and
B. subjective/internal
Therefore, IF He is Lord... then there is a reasonable and appropriate response to be made regardless of denomination, worship style, etc.

10 Reasonable Responses to the Resurrection.

#1. Recognize Him.
(As Lord - who He is, what He's done) - Acts 2:36 (first Christian sermon by Peter)

#2. Claim Him. This is not the same as recognizing Him. ( compare - James 2:19 with John 20:27-28 )
Claim Him:
A. specifically
B. personally (my Lord and my God) and
C. exclusively - Acts. 4:12 (only one)

#3. Enthrone Him - internally and practically - make Him "boss". If this is not done practically, all religious activities mean nothing.

#4. Seek His will - this is more than accept it (passive). Seek it. (active)

#5. Obey His Word - which is His revealed will. Luke 6:46
His will is generally outlined in scripture and should be specifically applied to your situation by making application of what principles are found there.

#6. Follow Him. This more than obey!! It means to walk with, learn of, grow in, imitate Him.

#7. Serve Him. Not as a master/slave relationship - not involuntary, forced labor. It is a Master/servant relationship - serve Him out of choice.

#8. Worship Him. Matt. 28:8-9 - individually, privately as well as corporately, publicly

#9. Represent Him 2 Cor. 5:20 - as ambassadors of Christ - representing Him in the world.

#10. Promote Him - (share/declare) Matt. 28:18-19 "all authority' - so do something.

Someday ALL will recognize Him and declare Him as Lord. Meanwhile, it is your choice and your decision.

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