Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Improving OBC (your part)

Even when going well, there is always room for improvement.

#1. Revisit our purpose. CP2G (Connect People to God) initially (evangelism) and progressively (continually) God ultimately has to do it, but it also takes our intentional effort.

#2. Estimate our value. to you, to family, to community, far-reaching

#3. Examine your contribution. (not financial) The church is like a human body - many functioning parts that all need to work together.

#4. Adjust accordingly. It doesn't mean you always get to serve in capacity of choice. It does mean that there are plenty of places to serve.

#5. Pray for the church. James 5:16 (b) - generally and specifically
People believe that prayer makes a difference. If it's more than a social gathering, then prayer makes a big difference.

#6. Develop your spiritual life. A _______ church is made up of ________ people.
Rev. 2:1-5 (a) The church can only do as the members do. The condition of the church can never exceed the condition of the members.

#7. Concern yourself with your neighbor's spiritual life. This doesn't mean control. It means concern. The scripture is full of "one anothers" . It requires everyone - no one or ten people can minister to 200 people.

#8. Tolerate preference.

#9. Bear with imperfection. Because - the church is made of people and people are sinners!!!
This is not to say: deny, ignore, or overlook them. But bear with them. Eph. 4:2-3 Takes "effort". It's hard to do.

#10. Be an encourager. As contrasted to being a "joy sucker" or "lawn mower". (lawn mower just goes about his business - doesn't get involved with anything, doesn't encourage those who are doing something) Encouraging others is one of the easiest ways to M.A.D. (make a difference)

#11. Pursue the mission until we receive the vision.

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