Sunday, March 14, 2010

God's Grace

Definition of Grace: unmerited favor, unearned, undeserved blessing
examples: warning ticket when deserve one for speeding
passing grade when fluffed off all year in school
week of paid vacation on first week of brand new job

The definition of God's Grace: undeserved gifts, unearned blessings from Him
When He grants to us that which we have not earned, could not earn, and do not deserve.

God's Grace comes in (at least) 3 forms.

#1. General Grace. ie: blessings that everyone receives
examples: life, oxygen, intelligence, sun, rain, etc. Matt. 5:45 (b)

#2. Personal Grace. (what makes you different from other people)
ie: gifts, blessings not common to all people....
examples: athletic ability, good looks, high intelligence, business savvy, musical talent, mechanical ability....
Therefore, this may include situation, opportunities, positions... 1 cor. 15:9-10

#3. Spiritual Grace. gifts and blessings that directly relate to your relationship with Him.
examples: forgiveness, redemption, salvation, security, sonship Eph. 1:3

NOTE: This Bible portrays Him as a very gracious God - freely blessing His creation.... whether they deserve it or not.

Our focus this AM is Spiritual Grace.

A. General and personal blessings are easily recognized and understood IF we take time to consider. They can be recognized without further revelation.
B. Spiritual graces are outlined in His special revelation.

Acts 20:24 - "the gospel (good news) of God's grace"

#1. We are saved by grace. Eph. 2:8-9 Rom. 5:1-2 (a) The bridge to God is grace and it is there whether we cross it or not. We did nothing to deserve it or earn it.

#2. We are kept by grace. Jude 1:24

#3. We are called by grace. Gal. 1:6, 15 Acts 18:27
God draws us when we are not even interested in a relationship with Him.

#4. Grace offered is not necessarily grace received. It doesn't come to you unless you accept it.
Matt. 22:1-10 Acts 13:46 John 1:11-12
Contrasted to universalism which says that all are saved because of the 'bridge' made for all.
But this grace must be received.

#5. Grace received does not grant license to sin. Rom. 6:1-2 (a) Rom. 6:15
Titus 2:11-12 Jude 1:4
It does matter if we sin.

#6. Grace received should result in grace displayed. Acts 11:22-23
There should be evidence, some display of some kind.

#7. Grace received should result in grace extended. Col. 3:13
Question: Is this a natural result or a determined response? Answer: Both!!

#8. His Grace is sufficient. Eph. 1:6-8
His is infinite in His grace and caring for you. Always enough grace for you to live life the way He wants you to live it.

#9. It merits response.

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