Monday, February 22, 2010

How Ya Doing?

Question: How are you doing? - in life, overall?
Answer: "hard to say" because
A. there are so many areas to measure
B. Some areas are hard to measure - parent, teacher, Christian?
C. we are prone to mis-measure - health, finance, marriage...

So: on the one hand it's hard to say. But, on the other hand we ought to examine, assess....

All this to ask - How are we doing? as a church? your church?

Answer: It's hard to say. But, you ought to ask!!

Some ways to assess and examine - using things that can be measured.

#1. Attendance

#2. Baptisms

#3. Ongoing Programs - are you M.A.D. - (making a difference) Isa. 55:10-11

#4. Volunteers. (individual involvement)

#5. Finances

#6. Missions

Harder to measure:
#7. Individual transformation (spiritual growth/discipleship)
We have a mandate in the Great Commission: Matt. 28:19-20 However, this is not solely a Christian issue. Example: Jesus and Judas, and other followers.
The question is NOT "is everyone being discipled?"
BUT are you doing a good job of discipling those who will be discipled?

#8. Community impact - we're to be salt and light
#9. family influence

#10. Performance compared to other churches

#11. Performance compared to your past

So, what do you do? as a church? if you see a lack of zeal, energy, vision, goals
Answer: keep going and doing what you know you should do!

#12. future goals. - because can partly measure today's health by tomorrow's plans!

Plan??? continue with general (ie: what you know you should do) until God reveals a specific.

Your part:
1. Give input

2. make this a matter of thought and prayer

3. continue to do what you know you should do.

A __________ church is made of __________ people.
(fill in blank with same word - ie: a praying church is made of praying people. a cold church is made of cold people. etc.

(the state of the church is determined by the state of you)

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