Monday, December 29, 2008

8 Words to Direct Your Life

As we begin 2009, it's time for resolutions, new starts, looking back, looking forward, re-evaluation, readjustment, etc.

For Christians, this should raise two questions:

1. How should I live? (what direction should I take, what should I embrace, what should I reject, et.c. this upcoming year.)
#2. How should I DECIDE how I should live? (what direction to take, what to embrace, what to reject, etc?)

Answers range from: upbringing (tradition), intuition (feeling), social pressures (this is how Americans, SE Oklahomans, Indians, Rednecks live), directives (the norm) Also: can be experience, reason, random want to's.....

For Christians, should add.... Revelation. God has chosen to reveal some things to us about how we should live.
A. General revelation: nature, science, reason, etc.)
B. Specific revelation: prophets, Christ, apostles, Scripture.

Based on Revelation, (without doing away with other considerations),
We must decide how to KNOW what is the foundation for how to live.

So, here are 8 words to direct your life.

#1. Consider (life) think about, examine, give thought to Prov. 14:8 & 15 Prov. 21:29
ASK YOURSELF: Where am I from? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to do it?

#2. Choose (life) Deut. 30:11-15 & 19
Two words to consider: A. CHOOSE
B. LIFE - this is more than biological life. It is QUALITY of life.
John 10:10 Matt. 7:13-14
This INCLUDES choosing Christ. John 14:6
You cannot have the life God wants for you apart from Christ IN your life.

#3. Develop (your life) Check out Matt. 25, the story of the talents, and Matt. 5 about the steward.
1 Tim. 4:8 - includes moral, character development.
Matt. 4:19 Become "fishers" of men.

#4. Impact (lives) - life is more than YOU. We are to be salt and light, to make a difference, to "fish" for men. (reach others for Christ)

#5. Enjoy (life and God's blessings) - 1 Tim. 6:17 & 18
Context is to impact. Should be balance - impact AND enjoy.

#6. Prepare (for death) Luke 12:15-21 Story of the rich FOOL!!
This includes:
A. Reconcile with God
B. Prepare for heaven and eternity
C. Assure your family
D. mend relationships (w/your brothers and sisters)

#7. Revisit (these from time to time). The Bible uses: Remember - addressed to the people
Remind - to the prophets

#8. Readjust (as necessary). A guided missile locks onto the target, but is constantly readjusting it's position when blown off course by conditions.

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