Monday, January 5, 2009

Introduction to Righteousness

We have a problem (dilemma). Rom. 3:9-12 & 23 This doesn't mean that there's NO good in anybody. There is good in everyone. We are made in the image of God.

YET - Matt. 5:20. The definition of righteousness = being right on with actions, deeds, relationships.
Job. 8:20 & Job 9:1-2
How can anyone be righteous? We all come infinitely short of what we should be.

So, how are we to BE righteous? Live righteously? Know you're righteous?

There are three kinds of righteousness in Scripture.
1. Self righteousness 2. Positional righteousness 3. Practical righteousness.

Rom. 3:20-24 Rom. 4:3

God said He "revealed" Himself through nature, conscience, reason, prophets, Holy Spirit, His Son. Getting in to right standing (righteousness) with God comes from faith in Jesus Christ.

Now, must accept, recognize, follow, serve ON THESE TERMS! (All who come through Jesus (the right way) are declared righteous in God's sight.

If your answer is "Yes", you HAVE Positional Righteousness. If "No" - you made the wrong choice and DO NOT have that righteousness.


Deut. 6:25 1 John 3:7
There are two aspects of practical righteousness.
A. Internal (attitude, heart) Matt. 23:25-28
B. External (actions, hands) James 2:20-26
This is more than either or. Practical rightousness is BOTH!!

We're obligated to try to live rightous, do right, etc.

QUESTION? When I sin what happens to righteousness? 1 John 1:9 The relationship remains, fellowship is restored. Example: the prodigal son.

III. Self Righteousness. Luke 18:9-14 - acknowledging God, but trusting in own goodness. "Why should I let you in to my heaven? " Self-righteous answer: "because I'm a pretty good person, I've done, etc., etc, etc."
Contrast this with: Jer. 19:23-24

Observation application: 1. recognize and forsake SELF righteousness.
2. Pursue Practical Righteousness
3. Don't miss Positional Righteousness.

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