Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas - More that His Birthday

John 8:42 Christmas is more that His birthday. It is His COMING!!

On on hand, He's always with us. BUT, occasionally He shows up in a special way. (As in the Exodus).

So...... Why did He come?
There are many reasons. Here are a few to consider.

He Came to Offer:

I. Eternal Salvation. Definition: a place, position of safety, security. John 11:25 & 26
Three tenses of salvation: Past - I've been saved, born again
Present: I'm being saved, transformed daily
Future: I will be made complete and totally transformed when Christ returns. Luke 19:10

II. Certainty of Salvation. 1 John 5:13

III. An Increasing Confidence in God. (a growing faith that everybody recognizes the compassion, care, concern. John 14:9 * John 14:1 John 3:16
*This is a visible statement of God's concern for you.

IV. Personal Transformation. Matt. 1:21 = ME!!!
This is more than "saved from punishment for sin." It is saved from the power of sin.
This transformation is not immediate and complete. "He's still working on me."

V. Social Transformation.
Matt. 1:21 - for individual and corporate! He offers to change you (individually). Also, offers to change society and the world.

VI. Divine Revelation.
John 1:18 John 12:46 When Christ is in your life, you can know origin, destiny, and purpose.

VII. A Chance to Know God. John 17:3 This is more than head knowledge.

NOTE: This equals A. Offer B. To you C. to the world through you.

So: #1. Receive Him
#2. Receive blessings He offers.
#3. Receive the challenge, responsibility, and charge that goes with it.

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