Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lessons From the Magi

Prov. 13:20

Therefore: lessons from the Magi. Matt. 2:1-12 People were expecting hte Messiah to come.

#1. Light received increases light.
This is true in A. initial stages John 1:10-13 and B. through out Christian journey.

NOTE: You NEVER get enough light to answer ALL questions!! Ex. Good God. Why evil world?
You WILL just get enough light for the NEXT step!

#2. Light rejected increase darkness. Wise men give good counsel. WISER men take it!
Good example of light rejected is Herod. Rom. 1:21 & 22

#3. Light received is to be applied.
The Bible definition of "hear" is not only with ears, but with heart and hands as well. Matt. 25:28-29 The light is not to ponder but apply. We're to act with the light we've received.

#4. Light (truly) received equals life transformed.
NOT all at once, NOT in huge steps, but a continual, step by step process
"I'm not the man I should be/ not the man I'm gonna be, but NOT the man I was"

#5. Light received stirs up darkness. Matt. 2:13-18
Bible history shows that divine activity leads to demonic activity.
We needn't be conspiracy theroists (demons behind every bush), but, Rom. 7:21
Darkness doesn't want to be repelled or pushed aside by light.

#6. Light is often conveyed through unlikely channels. Biblical examples: moving star, gentile magician, talking donkey, potter's wheel, Jacob's angel, stable, couple from Galilee, etc.

#7. Light often leads to unlikely places.
Stable, carpenter's shop, Galilean fishing boat, Judean hillside, Roman cross....
NOT where you'd expect to find A. Eternal God B. Ultimate Truth.

Therefore: 1. let Him lead you where He will
2. look for light where you land
3. Remember, light received......????

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