Sunday, January 9, 2022

Jesus Calms the Storm

 Last messages in Mark = parables - of soils, 2 kingdom parables
Was a teaching day - Mark 4:1-2

Following Day = miracles: 
4 miracles over the next 2 days = calms storm, casts out many demons, heals without His consent, raises young girl from the dead.

Many miracles are often noted - example:  Matt. 14:14 and no story with the miracle. 
But these come with a story!!

The Point of Miracles is generally more than to deliver people from physical problems.
Also = to demonstrate Jesus' authority and power over:   (the primary purpose)
Nature  (storm)
Demons  (legion)
Disease  (woman with issue of blood)
Death  (Jairus' daughter)

Stories are recorded ... to show Jesus' authority ... SO THAT....
  You'll trust Him for Salvation
  (deliverance, reconciliation)
       example:  John 20:30-31

Having said that about miracles in general, let's look at 1 in particular - the Calming of the Storm.
Mark 4:35-41 -  question:  still do you not have faith?
Shows Jesus establishing His authority.

So.... miracles are designed to demonstrate to us (convince us....)
(1) Jesus is Lord - ie:  He has ALL Authority, over ALL things ALL the time!!!!  Things in heaven - things on earth - things in the present - things in the future
Summary verse - Matt. 28:18-19 

(2)  You should TRUST Him
      For Salvation  (spiritual matters, eternal matters)
and IN Everyday matters  (situations)

BUT.... this brings up some valid questions:
#1.  IF Jesus has ALL authority, WHY is there evil and suffering?
ie:  He calmed THAT storm ... why not all storms?  MY storm?
He saved those disciples,.... why not all disciples???

(Theodicy = argument for God's goodness in light of evil and suffering)

On one hand, the Bible gives some answers (we should seek them out)
However, the Bible mostly gives assurances (we should accept them)

Summary = "I've demonstrated my Love.... (cross)
       and     "I've demonstrated my Authority (miracles & Resurrection)
  So....... TRUST ME ... regardless of appearances"

This is called ....FAITH   Heb. 11:1-2 - trusting Him regardless

Question #2.... If Jesus has all authority,... WHY are you still afraid?
(some answers to this one also...)
    (1)  you're afraid ... because you're human .... fall infinitely short
Rom. 3:23   2 Cor. 4:7- "in jars of clay"

(2)  You're afraid because suffering hurts - physical, emotional, relational
Can you be afraid and still trust
Example:  martyr facing fire?  lions?  torture?
Were they afraid?  experienced fear?  - YES!!!
Did they recant their faith?  NO!!
Point = there is a distinction to be made here - at what point is fear = to distrust?

(3)  You're afraid because He doesn't calm ALL the storms!!
Which means .. I'm going to have storms ... I'm going to hurt!!  And, my greatest hurts are often hurts of the HEART!!!

BUT NOTE:  Faith (courage) is not never being afraid.  Faith (courage) may be acting rightly  and properly
Examples:  the martyrs, Jesus in Gethsemane - in great agony but yet remained true.

Meantime ... your current level of faith is not necessarily your permanent level of faith!!
Example #1 ... these disciples!!! - didn't stay in this level of distrust
Example #2 - the Apostle Paul - Phil. 4:10-13 - where you are currently is not the end of the show.

There is hope for growth, improvement, maturity  NOW!!)
Paul said he .... learned, by experience, through time, through effort.  It didn't come all at once!  didn't come in good times alone!  Didn't come without effort
But .... it did come!!!  We can grow in faith if we learn through our storms.

There is hope for glory  (then!!)  Rom. 8:18

So... Question #1 -- If Jesus = all authority ... why evil and suffering?
........Question #2 ... If Jesus = all authority ... why still afraid?
For Both we have ..... some answers,  many assurances!!

So.... Question #3 ... IF Jesus has all authority.... why notput your faith in Him???  - initially
for salvation ... reconciliation, security...?
it is imperative that you do so....  John 14:6

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