Monday, June 22, 2020

The Bible on Children

Children are a blessing from the Lord.  Psm. 127:3-5
(Eve recognized from the beginning the the child was from the Lord.)
Children are a great responsibility. - Prov. 22:6 - "train up" = direct them, get started on correct path. (assumes you know the way of the Lord.)

Common theme in Scripture:::
with blessing comes great responsibility
with privilege comes great obligation.
Hence, Paul = 1 Tim. 5:8
More blessings, more obligations.

On one hand, children have "free will".  However, is parental responsibility to "start them off" right.  Is not your responsibility if the go wrong if they were directed right.
Deut. 6:4-7
Parents are responsible for children - not the school, not the church.  Those are tools to be used.

New Testament & Jesus with children:  On one hand, is not much recorded.  However, what IS recorded shows:
(1) Jesus Valued children highly! - Mark 10:13-16  (in all 3 synoptic gospels)

(2)  He used them as a MODEL of Christian faith! - Matt.18:1-4

(3)  He states the seriousness of mistreating them.  - Matt. 18:5-6 - is a big deal to offend one of the little ones.

(4)  He warns they have heavenly advocates - Matt. 18:10

So... we are to ...Value and Protect them but also to ... Discipline and Develop them.

We often distinguish between discipline and development
Biblical view ... discipline & development:
        Serve same Purpose
        Designed for same outcome
        One does not negate the other!

So.... Prov. 22:15, 29:13, 13:24
Heb. 12:5-11

When we couple...
   (1)  the High Value Jesus places on children, with
   (2)  the many Biblical admonitions to discipline,
Can only (rightly) conclude:

(1)   We are to discipline children

(2)  We are to discipline ... IN LOVE / PROPERLY  "as God does His children"  (He is our model)

(3)  We are to discipline for the purpose of developing - but always for the benefit.

A Warning against Harsh Discipline!!  Eph. 6:4  (ie. discipline that provokes anger)
use "the discipline and instruction of the Lord" - ie:  Do it God's way!)

Since today is Father's Day ... additional note:  The State of the Father affects (doesn't determine) the state of the children!!  - Bible is very clear on this.

Deut. 5:29, Prov. 20:7, Psm. 112:1& 2

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