Sunday, June 7, 2020

God's Design for Marriage

2 weeks ago = "God's PLAN for Marriage"  from Gen. Chap. 1 & 2
the original blueprint for Marriage = 1 man and 1 woman (in exclusive intimacy)/ leave/ cleave/ become/ remain

A plan supposes a purpose!
Example:  design a sailboat to sail on the water.  design an airplane to fly.  Design a house vs. a barn.   The design shows the purpose intended.

So... if God's plan = "leave, cleave, become, remain...", what's His purpose??  Trying to accomplish what??  What was marriage designed to do??

Gen. 1 & 2 - again - (original blueprint)   God designed Marriage to benefit (bless) mankind  ie:  the individual, the couple, the family, the community, the nation. ... by providing ....4 things:     (Not to restrict, designed so will function as intended)

I.  Companionship - Gen. 2:18 - "not good man should be alone..."  but didn't create another Man or a herd!!  But 1 Wo-man.

Marriage is more than companionship = friend (higher!)  John 15:15 - "no longer servants"  Song of Solomon 5:16 - "my lover, my friend" - Abraham was called the friend of God.
The issue is more than passion = compatibility!!
                                             = enjoy one another
                                             = spend time with one another - ie:  a soul Need met by Soul Mate!

II.  Partnership - Gen. 2:18 b - "help mate suitable"
(companion = soul need   Partner = practical need!)
            for (A)  Assisting
                 (B)  completing - supplementing, complementing, rounding out  - "we're better together"
Gen. 1:28 - "subdue the earth"   (together as a team) = co-workers, co-builders, co-rulers!
(not as common as it should be!!)
My joy = to see young couple working as a team to build - home, family, a business or holding, a "kingdom", a legacy!!

With I and II you have ..... a Partner to share load, and a companion to share the journey
III.  ROMANCE (where is that in Genesis?) - Gen. 2:23
Poetry = awe/excitement!!  (passion?)
   A.  Sexual Passion - unleashed within marriage!!
Are 20+ sexual prohibitions int he scripture - nearly all apply to Extra-Marital!! - only a couple guidelines within the marriage.
   B.  NON-Sexual Passion
  C.  Life-long Passion

"a successful marriage requires falling in love many times... always with the same person!"
Marriage = Help Mate - also Play-Mate!!!

When you have a Companion and a Partner who is also your Lover ... = a sweet package!!!

IV.  Family - Gen. 4:1
God's design and purpose in marriage includes.....
    (A)  Family:  This = place where children are to be Born, Raised, influenced, molded!!!
ie:  within a household of 2 committed to one another, committed to the Task, the Journey, the Family!!

God's design/purpose includes:
A)  Family
B)  STABLE family  (sound, solid, secure)
C)  GODLY family  - Mal. 2:15

(1)  God designed Marriage to Benefit Mankind
(2)  He's involved in EVERY Marriage (even pagan marriage) - (example:  soul knitter)

(3)  He = a Partner, not a Dictator  (we have free will) - example:  Adam and Eve

Therefore:  we must:
(1)  Work to develop companionship, partnership, romance, stability!

(2)  Work together - takes 2!!  BOTH!!

(3)  Work according to God's plan, design, will

Closing:  Gen. 3:8 - God's Presence in your Marriage?
Build successful marriage with God's plan, design
Build a Godly marriage with Jesus as LORD!!

Summary:  Men and Woman and children ALL do better in a STABLE, MARRIED family group (or setting)
ie:  stable marriage leads to stable homes which lead to stable kids... who then lead to stable marriages, etc.


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