Sunday, March 29, 2020

Romans 12:14-21

Romans 12:14-21

Rom. 12:14 - Bless, don't curse.  (can be a hard one)
Compare to Jesus' words - Matt. 5:43-48 - love your enemies
Note:  Jesus' example - Luke 23:34 - even while hanging on the cross

Example:  if you stub your tow - is the rest of the body aware of it?  sympathetic to it?
So.... how should we respond to people who are hurting?  or are happy?

Rom. 12:16 - Practice humble harmony.
Compare with Rom. 12:3 - think of 'self with sober judgment.  Not more highly than ought.

We are ALL created in God's image.
We ALL sin and some short.
Christ died to redeem ALL of us.

Therefore - treat others accordingly.

Rom. 12:17 a - Don't Retaliate!!  See Prov. 20:22

Rom. 12:17 b - instead, respond in a way that causes onlookers to say "he (or she) did the right thing"
      See:  1 Thess. 5:15 - don't pay back wrong for wrong.

Rom. 12:18 - Be a Peace MAKER!!    Not just a peace lover, but a peace MAKER!
Matt. 5:9
ie:  Actively Pursue that which leads to peace!  - Rom. 14:19  ie:  sometimes have to "bite your tongue"!

Rom. 12:19 - Leave Paybacks to God!!
Why???   See James 1:19-20 - man's anger does NOT bring about the righteous life that God desires.

Rom. 12:20 - On the Contrary - what does this mean???
A.  you'll cause your enemy the pain of shame?
B.  you'll leave your enemy to God's (painful) punishment?
C. Kindness is as powerful as fire?

Pastor's short answer - "I don't know".
But, CLEARLY, we are to leave paybacks to God!!!

Rom. 12:21 = summary of this passage.   Don't be a Victim of evil. Be a Victor over evil ... by doing good!!!!
See:  1 Pet. 3:9 - to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.


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