Monday, March 2, 2020

Hinge Vs. Rom. 12:2

Rom. 12:1-2 = hinge verses.  Are transitional.

In order to properly practice the Christina lifestyle ... you'll need ...
(1)  Salvation - new creature in Christ
(2)  Submission  (surrender ... the Christ as Lord)
(3)  Information  (what to do/ How to do it!!)  - have to know this!
(4)  Transformation  (to Become what you are called to be) - not just outward change but inward as well.

Salvation - covered in Chapters 1 - 8
Submission (surrender completely) - covered in Rom. 12:1 - (last week)

Today will look at .... Information  &  Transformation
Rom. 12:2 NIV, Rom. 12:2 KJV, Rom. 12:2 NLT
Makes it easier to live the Christian lifestyle if you know the "whys".

Passage divided into 3 parts:

I)  Don't Conform  (to this world)
II)  Be Transformed  (by Renewing your mind)
III)  Know God's will (so are able to do His will)

I.  Don't Conform - copy, imitate, pattern self, fashion self ..
Point:  don't embrace the commonly accepted ideas, opinions, social customs of this world .... WHEN they are contrary to God's will/word/way(s).

at issue here = Moral Conformity  (issues of right & wrong) - not concerned about food, clothes, music, etc.

Observation:  we all have a natural tendency to conform to the group.  Examples:  Woodstock, NHS Rodeo, SEC - in each case, most everyone dressed the same.
Where the issues are Amoral (without morals) ... is No Problem!!!

BUT ... we've also a tendency to conform to group MORALS and ... where God has drawn the line on Right/Wrong... we must NOT CONFORM!!!
Example:  1 Pet. 1:14
Therefore, we need an Informed Mind - need to understand
           informed by  A)  Divine Revelation
                               B)  Divine Reasoning
which leads to

II.  BE Transformed - BY renewing (changing) your Mind!!  (metamorphosis)
Compare  Matt. 17:2

So, what's the differences between conform and transform?

(1)  conform = primarily our own doing  (we do it ourselves)
      transform = cooperative effort of the Believer and the Holy Spirit - God plus self

(2)  Conform = result of common thinking  (natural thinking)
       Transform = result of Renewed thinking - Eph. 4:17-24

(3)  Conform addresses (primarily) outward behavior  ("do")
       Transform focuses on inner being  ("are") - 1 Cor. 6:11

A changed mind = result of New or Re-Examined information.  (Can't just choose to change your mind.)
Example:  belief in Big Foot - if don't believe in Big Foot, can't just decide one day TO believe without some additional or new proof (information)

So what's the new information?  perspective?
Answer:  (1)  God's Word
and primarily, (2) Holy Spirit's Presence  (indwelling) - Enlightened Reasoning - 1 Cor. 2:6-10, 12-16

New information leads to changed mind which results in changed Heart, leads to changed character which results in changed behavior that leads to changed lifestyle.

Objection:  doesn't always work that way!!!  Example:  Jesus and the Pharisees.
Answer:  transformation = the Cooperative Effort of the Believer AND the Holy Spirit!!  Very important.

Quote by Alex McClaren - "Truth professed has no transforming power.  Truth received and fed upon can revolutionize a man's whole character."

Which leads to:
III.  Knowing God's Will  (hence being able to DO God's will)
Point = "don't conform ... Be transformed!!! Then you'll be able to discern God's will!  (Know what He desires OF you and FOR you!)

Words used:  "test", "approve" = find out, discover, be sure of ...
in other words  ... "IF .... THEN ... you'll develop an (increasing) ability to discern (perceive, intuitively know) God's will for you!!  Compare:  Heb. 5:13-14

idea = Know God's will so you can DO God's will!
(additional interesting twist)
On one hand, we discover God's will in order to do God's will.
However, we Do God's will in order to discover His will!!
Example:  John 7:17

Additional note:  Knowing God's will is not always pleasant!!  (example:  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo)
But knowing/doing God's will always be right, best!!

Summary ... Paul could have said ... "submit to God and change"

Instead he said (more radically)  "Sacrifice yourself (total surrender) and be transformed"

Closing Scripture:  Heb. 13:20-21

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