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Definition:  so then, consequently, for this reason, so it naturally follows, etc.

The word 'therefore' is used often in scripture!!! 
(1)  446 times in the NIV
(2)  plus places it's clearly implied - Deut. 6:4
(3)  plus places otherwise translated - Eph. 4:1
Usage of the word has dropped over 50% in modern times.

Scripture uses this word/concept A LOT!!  - explicit & implied

Compare to faith - 270 times,  Salvation - 122 times, eternal & everlasting - 152 times, heaven - 422 times.
These are foundational words, yet 'therefore' used more than each of these.

???So???  when something is THAT repeated in Scripture:
#1.  it's important - (there is a reason for repetition!
#2.  We ought to take note!!!  lest we forget.

The use of "therefore" typically follows this pattern:

#1.  A statement of fact

#2.  followed by a 2nd statement of:  instruction, promise, warning, explanation, exhortation, declaration

#3.  joined by the word - "therefore"  (or a synonym)

THIS           therefore            THIS  
(is true)                                  (is also true)
(you know)                            (be sure of this)
(has taken place)                    (this is what follows)

Old Testament examples:
Psm. 46:1-2
Prov. 4:7
or, on the other hand, 2 Chron. 28:1-5, Jer. 2:7-9
(note:  extensive use in Isa., Jer., Ezek. - example:  the exile)

New Testament examples:
Matt. 10:16
Mark 13:32, 35
Matt. 28:18-19
Rev. 1:18-19
Classic example = Eph. 4:1 - 3 previous chapters - this is what we know about Christ
                                      last 3 chapters - this is how we should live.  Connected by "therefore"

So??  Relevance?  Application to us?  Lessons here?

#1.  Our actions are consequential   (causal world)      
What we do MAD (makes a difference)
What we don't do MAD 
BOTH MAED - make an eternal difference

This  therefore  this = causes, results in, brings about , naturally follows!  - not only in physical world but in spiritual world as well.

Note the use in: Isa., Jer., Ezek. - are more 'therefores' than in any of the other books.  "Therefore, this is what the LORD says"

On one hand, not everything we experience = result of own doing.
However,  much is!  (problem is more than think, admit, own up to)

#2.  Our actions are consequential BOTH WAYS!!    Can result in good things as well.
(summary verse) - Gal. 6:7-10 
This = true of individual, true of group  (therefore it matters who you hang with)
True in physical world, true in spiritual world.

#3.  We tend to downplay this  
Do we forget?  ignore?  overlook?  deny? 

#4.  God does NOT downplay this  

Closing scripture, thoughts:  1 Cor. 10:11-12, Heb. 2:1,  2 Pet. 1:19 = Remember, pay attention, take note, take heed!

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