Sunday, December 3, 2017

Stealth Leadership

Series = Re-Thinking Leadership (a Biblical View)

Have looked at:  1)  Upfront - the most recognized style
                          2)  Servant - most promoted in Scripture - Jesus emphasized as most important  (the foundation on which all the other styles are built)
                          3)  Shepherd - easiest to understand and (perhaps most needed today!!

Today:  STEALTH Leadership  ( pastor's term) - most overlooked and least understood.
Definition:  leading inconspicuously, low profile, low key, 1/2 visible, influencing quietly - examples:  ship's rudder vs. ship's wheel      
Often called - leading from the rear 

Biblical example:  1)  Deborah - Judges 4 & 5  - Barak was the general, but Deborah the advisor
The husband may be the head but the wife is the neck!
                            2)  Jethro - Moses' father in law - Ex. 18
                            3)  Barnabas - Acts 4:36-37 - nickname = son of encouragement!! = descriptive!!
                                                - Acts 9:26-28 - Paul and disciple at Jerusalem
                                               - Acts. 11:19-24 - Gentiles @ Antioch
                                               - Acts 11:25-26 - Paul to Antioch
Barnabas - content to stand back and let Paul be the Apostle.
                            4)  Robert Sheffey - became circuit-riding exhorter (encourager, pray-er).  Never preached, never pastored, never ordained, never paid, never held and upfront position, but at his funeral, was attended by enormous crowd from all over the territory.  His influence was legendary.
                           5)  Ultimate stealth leader = Holy Spirit - John 16:13-14, 2 Pet. 1:20-21 - works to glorify the Father and Jesus Christ. 
Isa. 30:20-21 - (men?  or Holy Spirit? = "from behind you")


1)  Stealth Leadership is intentional leadership - not incidental, accidental influence.

On one hand, don't always get what we intend strive for, however, more apt to get it IF intentional!!!
Comparison:  apply to your kids, AWANA, Sunday School, public school, etc!!!

2)  Stealth Leadership is pointing and directing and then stepping back.
= A) helping others find (right) direction
   B) helping others become leaders!!

3)  You must acquire influence before you can exert influence.   Therefore, need for Servant!!  Shepherd!! Upfront leadership!!  whereby you gain influence, clout, a voice, a hearing!!

4)  If you would direct others in the WAY you must (first) know the WAY!!!  How will you direct in God's will if you don't Know God's will?
How can you counsel from God's Word if you don't know God's Word?
 Example:  John Maxwell's "Law of the Lid" - can only influence someone to your level.

Christian Application: = 1)  If you're not a Christian, how can you hope to develop Christians?
2)  If not a disciple, how can you hope to develop disciples?
3)  If you are not a mature believer, How can you hope to develop mature believers??


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