Monday, December 4, 2017

Team Leadership

Series = Re-Thinking Leadership (a Biblical View)

Covered 4 styles of Leadership - Upfront - most recognized
                                                - Stealth - most overlooked
                                                - Servant - most applauded in New Testament - promoted by Jesus
                                                - Shepherd - nurturing, caring, compassion - most needed???

TEAM LEADERSHIP  - the most effective style!!!

Examples here at OBC - (1)  4th of July jobs list - requires leaders for each crew/task
                                    - (2)  Wednesday night AWANA/Youth - need a leader for each team

Often used illustration:  (3)  geese - fly in V formation - can fly 70% further that way than a goose on its own.
Each goose adds to the lift of the air.

Most common illustration - (4)  Marriage - most effective couples don't struggle with "who's the head?  in charge?"  They share the lead!

2 Notes from New Testament -

On one hand, (1)Jesus chose 12 - designated as Apostles whom He clearly was grooming as leaders 
However, He never designated 1 AS the leader!!!

(2)  Paul's analogy of the church as a body!  1 Cor. 12:12-17
Octavia Baptist Church is composed of __________ individuals.
                                       comprising 1 working unit!!

Purpose of OBC - CP2G - Connecting People to God - programs should be weighed in light of this purpose.
in that effort, WBT - ("we're better together")

On one hand, can't be all leaders without workers!
However, can "share the lead" - example:  the geese
AND we'll be more effective when we "TEAM LEAD" 

Another example - VFD at bad wreck - need:  medical, extraction, traffic, landing zone - each crew needs a leader.  All crews need to work together 

Question:  wreck example - who should be in charge of extraction?  medical?  landing zone? 
Answer = most qualified!!!

Hence  1 Cor. 12-14 is about Spiritual Gifts !!
Addresses ..... where are you best suited to SERVE?  and, where are you best suited to LEAD?

Series Wrap-up:

I.  Effective leadership (whatever form) requires (both)
    A.  Character
    B.  Competence
May begin to follow because of charisma, personality, enthusiasm, etc.   But, will continue to follow only if are showing competence.

II.  So:  The Christian Leadership Challenge:
      1.  step up - to the need, position
      2.   develop your Christian Character     
      3.  develop your Leadership Competence
      4)  Recognize your Divine Calling - He has called you to Make A Difference, to Connect People 2 God
Eph. 2:8-10, 4:11-16 - "we"

Back to beginning - Matt. 5:13-16

We are here to Connect People 2 God, therefore called to Make An Eternal Difference, and (clearly)
WBT - we're better together.

IF you are called to serve with in OBC,
1) this church needs you (or else you wouldn't be called!)
2)  You need this church!!  (body)

Closing Scripture:  Eph. 3:20-21

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